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The Bridges of Glozell County

Today, when I entered the lobby at NBC there was a room filled with happy children. It was loud and every one was excited. The group was the sunshine kids; they were going on a tour on the lot. This group of beautiful children had cancer and all were wearing a wig or a hat. It was nice knowing that NBC provided such a great and magical time for them. I also ran into a page (lets call her Becky) who remembered my name from last week! Wow, I read her nametag and it said she was from Miami Fla. that’s why she’s so nice. Becky is from my home state.

Well, the guy in charge of the seating( lets call him Beam) hasn’t given me a little yellow ticket in weeks. The little yellow ticket lets you sit in the prime seating area. Maybe he is sick of me coming to the show (today was my like 27th time), or something was said to him about me always sitting me up front, or Im looking too homely (we will see because I get my weave done tomorrow). Well, I say thank you anyway because I’m happy to see the best show live, almost everyday so he can put me anywhere.

The pages all know me there, and I got seated at the special seating anyway! I was thankful to this page who is leaving,. It’s too bad, because she is nice, and I hope she remembers to walk with her head up! I sat next to a guy who was a pilot for a private airline, who was on a lay over, so he got tickets to the show (He was cute, lets call him Sean). Sean was so funny. There was a church group who got a chance to take a picture with Jay and he jumped in the picture. Ladies when you come to Jay Leno’s show, remember to be cute. You never know who you might sit next to. He also told me his worst passengers were a very famous talk show host his wife, their two children, two nannies and a mess of seafood! Sean said, by the time they got to where they were going, there was lobster stuck to the ceiling of the cabin. He has flown the rock band REM and he said they were great.

The Labor Day break was great for the writers Jay’s monologue was very funny (He even joked about the University of Florida where I graduated from - Go Gators) and the tribute to Steve Irwin was touching. Jay did a joke about the NBC T.V. movie Different Strokes (I was in Gary C. fan club) and during the first break the band played "I am everyday people" which at the end says "different strokes for different folks" get it.

There was a new security guard today. A tall black lady with a moustache that she dyes blonde (Sister wax that puppy).

Toby Keith was on and he sang the most beautiful song from his new album "Broken Bridges", (Nothing having to do with Todd Bridges.) Something about, could she just crash here tonight (I was thinking just tell me where). I have seen over twenty shows and he was the best musical guest performance I have seen. Toby was strong , masculine sexy and humble all at once, I’m a Toby Keith fan now. On the way out an adorable little female page asked" are you writing a book about us you’re here everyday" I said yes. This page (lets call her Kate) likes this other male page but the say their just "friends" yeah, right they always hang out together, they would make a cute couple.

Well, goodbye, and remember, always find something to laugh about….

Love ya,