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Drinking Beauty, Glo White, Dynamite and the one Dwarf...

Things seemed normal in the lobby, then a man with a blue and black jump suit, wearing this Welcome Back, Happy Days, Saturday Night Fever pitch black hair wig, thing. Man, do you think you are fooling anyone? He looked a hot mess. Not everyone can have cool hair like Andrew, the Tonight Show security Guard. Andrew is hilarious I enjoy watching him laugh, and enjoy the show. He truly loves and appreciates his job. Great Work!

I overheard a lady say she told her daughters to pick up the tickets, in order for them to get a yellow ticket, because they had a better chance of sitting up front if they did it. I said "your right, but they got to do what they got to do. They can’t have Jay come out and the only people up front are all old and fat. The show comes on at 11:35 PM, most of the older people are asleep, and most of the freaks are awake." Business is business. Do what ya gotta do. Mr. Beam.

Something Jay always does, he didn’t do today. During one of the breaks, the make-up and hair person comes and powders his face and brushes his hair. Well, he always acts like a little kid who doesn’t want make-up on, and always runs his fingers through his hair after it’s been brushed and the audience chuckles. Today he didn’t do it. We wanted that chuckle Jay!

I sat next to young college students from Long Beach, who ditched school to go to "The Tonight Show." Jen, was a Kindergarten teacher’s assistant, and Jay (not Leno) sleeps most of the time. because he made a lot of money while in the Air Force. Next to them was their third roommate Thang, who didn’t say much.

I can’t believe the craziness from the guys who are in the movie Jack@@@ (triple snakes). They did the stupidest things humans can do to their bodies, and one was a little person. I sat with my mouth ajar, in fear that one of them was going to plow right into the legendary Betty White, who was used as a prop! I actually stop breathing! If something had happened to one of the Golden Girls, there would have been trouble! I mean really the woman has to be pushing 100 down the road.

Teri Hatcher was beautiful (except her hair, the bottom was scraggly). Teri was fun and well, a little desperate. She talked about how she doesn’t have a man right now. Maybe she could hook up with today’s musical guest, Kenny Chesney. The man can sing, and he’s single. (Renee dumped his tiny @@@)

During one of the breaks, Terri received what appears to be a glass of white wine. She poured it into the Tonight Show mug and sipped on it during the show.

Jon Heder was a cool guest. No matter what he does, he will always be Napoleon Dynamite to me.

Remember, if you really want a man, don’t complain that you can’t get one, and announce it on national television.

Love ya,