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Everything Glos Bigger In Texas...

What a great day. I got a call from Mary. You know from my blog Mary-Glo-Round. She called my from London, England! I meet the greatest people at The Tonight Show.

In the Lobby today I met a group of fun people. Caralyn, Jane, Jannie and Alice, all from Texas. They won a package at the" Swing for a Tour". This is a golf tournament that raises money for a charity that help children with cancer. The Package, included Dr. Phil tickets and The Tonight Show tour, and tickets. They were so disappointed with the Dr. Phil show. Alice told me that the guest on the show had been guest before, and that Dr. Phil and the guest pretended that this was the first time they met. The guest had to be acting! It was a show on issues with the mother in-law (Surprise). After the Dr. Phil show, Alice said she went to the bathroom and asked anybody if they had seen these guest before. Two other ladies, said yes. I can’t believe it. Alice and her friends don’t have a reason to lie to me. They said the show was awful and they are going to send a e-mail to the Dr. Phil show complaining. They also agreed that Dr. Phil looked awful. He was to pale and pasty, like his make-up was bad.

Alice had bought an R.V. and a time share, and plans on driving to Vermont with her friends. Ms. Alice is 73 years, young. She also said if I’m every in Texas, I have a place to stay. Alice says she owes her youthful spirit and lack of pain to Shaklee vitamins.

Also, in the lobby, I met Tim and Bruce, who knew somebody special at the Tonight Show! They were in the V.I.P. section, and took a prearranged picture with Jay after the show. Bruce told us he had met Magic Johnson (one of the show guests) when he was in medical school at Michigan State.

The audience was great today. On the first break everyone stood up and clapped during the band’s first song. Ms. Vicky really worked it.

Evangeline Lilly from the show "Lost" was a cute guest. She took the time to talk about a friend who believed Evangeline would be a star before her first audition. With faith like that, she will go far.

During his interview Magic Johnson said he can afford twenty-five thousand employees to bring him coffee and donuts. Well, as big as Magic is, that must have been what he did.

Aaron Neville sang with Kevin, Smitty, the bassist and keyboard player form the Tonight Show band. Tom Green made a guest appearance. I love Mr. Green, not only, because my last name is Green but because he is always hilarious.

Remember, everything’s bigger in Texas, but Magic is bigger everywhere.

Love ya,