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Glo Jay can you see...

Today Charlie, a cute page sat down and spoke to me for the first time. Charlie asked the questions the other pages have asked. Do you work here? Are you stalking Jay? Do you have a job? How do you get tickets here everyday? I told him, and he went on to tell me he is pursuing a career in acting. He has a unique look, his hair is has this messy on purpose look, and he’s kind of dark - not his skin color, but like in a mysterious way. (Maybe, he does magic?)

Bernadette a pretty, but older, worker with long red hair, who sits behind the front desk in the lobby, and was complaining to another page about how NBC treats their employees in an unfair way. WOW ! That‘s a first! I have spoken to many a page and never heard them complain like this lady… ever! (Every job has that one who is miserable and wants everyone to be with them).

I truly dressed up today, I GloZell Green am determined to get a yellow ticket or be picked to dance to get a Tonight Show T-shirt! I was first in line, my hair was right and my clothes were tight and Mr. Beam handed me my lonely ticket without the little yellow one on top. I will not give up!

The page, named Carson, who walked us over to the studio today was nice looking, what was neat about him is that he wants to be a film director, and he has premature gray hairs growing in and he’s only about twenty four. (That’s hot.)

Ok, Jay this is going into the second week of wearing the same wrinkled jeans - for six pre-shows in a row. (Guess he thought no one would notice, and write about it). Jay did his normal speech, pointed out some German people he met at the gas station, and explained that this show will be more on the serious side tonight, because it is the five year anniversary of 9/11.

I loved Mr. Leno’s tie, it was orange and blue "GO GATORS" (University of Florida is where I graduated from… B.F.A. in musical theatre). That makes up for the jeans!

James woods was touching, he lovingly spoke about the life of his younger brother who passed away a month ago, and how Jay is such a good friend to him, outside the show. Jay understands, because he has also lost a brother. They both were wiping back tears, and you could hear the audience’s sniffling through out the show. They weren’t big stars sitting on stage, but two friends who share a common loss. The moment was so real and it made you understand that stars are people too. The musical guest was Officer D. Rodriguez from the New York Police Department. He sang Amazing Grace and the tears rolled gently down James and Jays cheeks. Everyone could feel the sense of brotherhood and togetherness… Great show Jay.

Remember take time to smell the roses, and appreciate your life.

Love ya,