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Glo Righter Way - for 9/19/06 - Posted Late

Carson is at the front desk, with his usual non-expressive self. After I take a seat, the beginning of Justin mania begins. Two skinny bleach blondes in tiny skirts ,flirt with Carson who held a conversation with them for awhile. I guess if you’re perky, he’s perky. Then I had an interesting conversation with Sal who also works the front desk. Sal is to the American naked eye a regular Joe. Sal has got it going on. He’s majoring in languages because his girlfriend is from Japan. Sounds normal. Get this, his girl friend is his Japanese tutor. See, we thought only American teachers have affairs with their younger pupils. I bet he has learned a lot. She has inspired him so much that he is majoring in other languages as well. I wonder if he’s going to get "tutored" in his other classes. At least Sal is out of high school.

I can’t take it! All the girls, who are here to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, are so excited. I have heard the word, "like" 75 times in under five minutes. "Like, you just don’t like, know, like, how much, I, like, love Justin." "For reals, my heart is like, about to like jump like out of my like body" I hope I can like, go back stage and like, be his like slave." ENOUGH ALREADY! (Okay, I’m hating, all the silicone in this place. I know, I won’t win a Tonight Show T-shirt. Maybe, should try during black history month). I can’t breathe in the lobby because of all the noxious perfume. I know Forever 21 has just run out of clothes because of today, alone. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about make up. Four girls talked about their lip-gloss for over ten minutes. I don’t know why, because most of it was on their teeth - their lips were so small. (Yes I’m still hating, lip-gloss is the only thing I can fit into at Forever 21, can a sister get a Forever 42 or something?) The Crowd is wild, and full of energy. The guys who pick bouncy girls to come down and dance for a TONIGHT SHOW T-shirt we’re in hog heaven. The comedian was great, and so was Jay, as always.

One of my favorite pages, Ms. Tati, was on the floor to help guard Justin. Ms. Tati whose name will be changing soon, (Nice ring) weighs about seven pounds. Her page uniform weighs more than her. How is she supposed to stop the screaming wild lipped glossed girls from attacking the one man who is bringing sexy back!

It was such a big show I had to kick it with my friend Philip B. Righter who is the vice President of Marketing and Media for NBC. He’s the man. What I love about him is that he’s young, rich, confidant, and well connected. He has to be, in order for things to run right. I loved hanging with him. After the show I went back stage with his crew (who were hot) and everyone who was on the show, who were getting ready to leave in their limos and cars.

I told Kevin, good show as Philip and I went into the comensary. He bought everyone in his group a goodie. All the security guards knew him, and yet he has always been sweet to me. It pay’s to know people in high places, and for them to know you.

Justin looked so young in person. He looked like a college guy. He was rocking this cute faux hock hair cut. During the breaks from the interview with Jay, girls were screaming and yelling, "I love you Justin"! Everytime the man moved his head, in any direction, girls would scream. I have a headache from the yelling and the gum popping.

The comedian Sarah Silverman, was off the chain. This lady was so funny. Sarah carried her own against Jay and Justin. That girl is amazingly talented. And of course, Justin and Timberline brought "Sexy Back". (More like sexy black, he was the only white thing in his group. He looked like a speck in a mud puddle.) I had a great time.

Remember, that these are the Jays of our life.

Love ya,