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Glo’s Cell...

In the lobby. Richard was filling up the vending machine. He told me he gets payed on commition. Then he gave Mr. John and myself a pack of mints. Either he is a nice guy or my breath wasn’t up to par. No matter what, thank you.

Mr. John is a man from Downey Cal, who got tickets for the Tonight Show to see Bill O’Reilly. His wife was too sick to come. (Get well soon, Mrs. Barbara)

It got too cold in the lobby, so I went outside. I met Julia Smith Grossman, the most adorable classy lady standing in line with her husband, Jeff Grossman. Julia’s hair was in this cute pixie cut. She was wearing a green sweater and jacket.(She knows how cold it gets in the studio). Mrs. Julia was worried, because they had been given the wrong directions and were concerned that their friend, Ms. Wendy wouldn’t find them. The page Naomi (Who is Persian, and having a bad hair day) went to ask Mr. Beam what to do.

Well, Julia thought I worked for NBC, and asked me questions that I happened to know the answers to. I let her use my cell phone to reach Wendy, and all was well.

Naomi walked us over and Penelope seated us. I ended up siting next to Mrs. Julia (Yea). We laugh and talked through most of the breaks. I told her everything that was going to happen, like Andrew (The coolest security guard) flirting with the hot blondes in the front row. To who’s going to get picked to dance for a Tonight Show T-shirt. And just as if I was psychic, everything I said happened.

The Grossman’s own an Arabian horse named Ebony. (It’s an all white horse, hey if you got the money to buy an Arabian Horse - name it what you want). Mrs. Grossman runs her own company, "Visual Merchandising", which is very successful.

Finally, I called the hot to trot, Mr. Andrew over and said, "Do you ever get tired of flirting with hot girls? He looked at me and said" No honey, I’m Irish". It’s always a good time at the Tonight Show.

Tori, one of the producers for the show today, looked great. Her hair was a darker red; it was working for her. I also sat next to people who received tickets from another producer, Scott, who didn’t have one hair out of place… I bet it was the fact Jessica Simpson was on had something to do with that.

When Jay came out to do his pre-show, I yelled, "It’s my 40th show". He was not impressed at all. Oh well, I’ll try again at 100.

One of the hot blondes tried to talk to Jessica during the interview. Note to all hot blondes, do not distract Jessica, it took the use of all her gray matter to make it through this show with Bill O’Reilly, who was so much taller than Jay – But Jay is still cuter.

Remember, at this show, when Irish eyes are smiling, it’s usually at a cute blonde.

Love ya,