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GloZell and the divine Ms. V.

Let me tell you what a little birdie told me - I was banned from the prime seating area, and the page who gave me the good seat yesterday was yelled at. What is the big deal? It hurt my ego but I’m sure Mr. Beam is only doing his job and trying not to lose it. I’ll bet he’s not getting any cookies at home. In the waiting area I enjoyed seeing the gifts people plan on giving Jay. I love hearing their connections to him, each one trying to out do one another. One guy even said " My boss is friends with a guy who sells Jay the bean dip he likes". Outside NBC, people might not care, but inside this makes this guy a hero.

With a fresh weave and a cute dress, I thought might have a chance to get a yellow ticket. Mr. Beam handed me a regular ticket and said, "Enjoy the show". Oh, well, I love the show no matter where I sit.

I said hello to a husband and wife team who came to the show yesterday. The young lady works on Days of our Lives and loves county music so they watched Toby Keith yesterday and Dwight Yoakam today.

I was feeling a little down because of not getting the little yellow ticket, but then on the way to the main room, Kate said, "Hey can’t wait to read your book". I sat in front of fun wild women from Utah. These woman know how to have a great time. They laughed and giggled through the whole show. The guy next to me passed gas, and he thought it was funny. He was funky!

The band is always good; It crossed my mind that one of their main people is the percussionist Ms. Vickie (I hope she gets paid more than some of the others in the band). Ms. V. is the hype person who goes in and pumps the crowd. She gets up every song, leading the audience along, keeping the energy high. The rest of the band is good, but she brings something special. Smitty does sing, now and again, but Ms. Vickie is almost irreplaceable.

Ben Affleck was on tonight; he’s kind of cute, for the most part. The sweetest thing was that he was waving at his wife (Jennifer Garner) during the break. Jennifer has lost all her baby fat, and looked fab in a blousy white top and loose fitting jeans.

Tomorrow night Jessica Simpson will be there, that will be a great show make sure you tune in.

Remember, always find something to laugh about.

Love ya,