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GloZell and L.L. Cool Jay...

Hot page coming at ya! Hey everybody check out Kate, she was rocking her new hair cut and color this week. This petite fashion plate was working her black thigh high boots, flirty skirt and new doo. YOU GO GIRL!

In the lobby, a guy was sleeping and snoring, until time for his NBC tour. A Italian family of four truly had a good time in the lobby. The two girls took pictures of the television set because the hot Soap Opera "Passions" was on. Oh, to be young and foolish.

Today, I stopped yet another man from using the women’s bathroom. The sign must be confusing. At least twice a month, I grab a poor man after he has enter the wrong bathroom. People see me leap and run to the bathroom, therefore everyone is watching when he is pulled out of the restroom. The men are always so embarrassed. One guy was too quick at the draw, I didn’t get there on time. Folks if a man is doing number one, they don’t like it when you yell "Hey Stop". (Words to live by.) I felt sorry for whoever cleaned the ladies room that day.

Burnadett was in today. She has the thick long red hair. When I talk about people that I know, it’s cool, but when I talk about people who I’ve never spoken to, it can be weird. Burnadette has this walk, that I can’t figure out. I think the joints in her arms don’t move. When she walks it looks like she threading water, or in the Service. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way. I hear she’s a pretty cool boss. Keep up the good work!

Everyone was in a good mood behind the desk today. Steph was telling a sweet story about how her parents first meet in Jamaica, on spring break while her mom (who is two years older than her father) was finishing up Medical School. Steph comes across as an organized, smart person now I know it runs in the family.

Ricky and Dan are male pages who I saw dancing to the music having a good time. NBC must be a great place to work, everyone seems happy. Ricky is like a cute fuzzy bear, who gives me great seats.

Chef G. Garvin was a guest on the show today. He was jumping all around while showing Jay how to make one of his dishes. G. Gavin is like the L.L. Cool J. of cooking. Mr. G. gave everyone one of his cookbooks.

After the show, Jay took a picture with a guy who was in a wheelchair, and his mother. Leno asked the guy if his chair could go up and down and spin. (You know, Jay is into gadgets.) Of coarse he showed off his wheelchair, and as I passed them going out, the Guy said this was the coolest day. And thanked his mom.

Remember, ...grits don’t burn in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill… Takes a whole lot of tryin’, just to get up that hill…

Love ya,