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GloZell to the Rescue! For 9/20/06 - Posted late

Today, in the lobby, is a more conservative crowd. Fifteen, men in kacki pants, black or white long sleeve shirts from Sears Auto Center. They got to go into the green room early, sit in great seats, and take a picture with Jay after the show.

In the lobby at 3:14, the smell of paint was so very strong. My lips were tingling and my throat became irritated. ( I know, who cares boo-hoo…) A lady in green, decided to tell me that she was from Boston, and knows all the places Jay use to hang out. People really believe that I work for NBC. She was excited that her tour guide Nessa was from the same town. No yellow ticket today, but I think Mr. Beam and I have an understanding. I don’t get a yellow ticket and I should get over it. It’s cool.

I sat next to a guy who was totally in my personal space. His arm was on my armrest, and touching me. He kept coughing, tapping, wiggling, scratching, and he sat with his legs all open like he was on his couch at home. And to top it all off, he had the breath of a thousand donkeys.

Steve Carell, from the hit show, "The Office" was super funny. The other guest, Jamie Lee Curtis, was the biggest flirt I have ever seen. I wanted to tell her stop rubbing on Steve! He played it off well, but he wasn’t sure how to handle Jamie. This horny, grown, woman was all over him. During one of the breaks she leaned over and it appeared as if she kissed Jay on his ear. GloZell to the no! I got a little protective for Steve and Jay. They are both happily married. So, back off sister!

Joan Jet was good, and obviously not very cold. She was half naked with her all boy band. Jamie had the nerve to stroke her hair once. Does she flirt with everyone? I wish I had the nerve of Jamie Lee Curtis, that’s probably why she is successful at getting celebrities to autograph things, so she can action them off for charity.

As I was walking to my car, a strange guy from Haiti told me I was fine. Usually, I love a man who tells the me the truth, but there was something strange about him. He asked me what time it was? I said, 5:45, he said "I just got out of the show" I asked him, "what show", he said "the 5.45 show". That’s a lie because I was at the Tonight Show which is the only show that lets out at that time. And he wasn’t their. He didn’t have a NBC tag, and he said he was coming back tomorrow. Be on the look out.

Remember, Love thy neighbor, and their personal space.

Love ya,