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GloZell Van Winkle…

I was up late last night making my Tonight Show corespondent tape. A few of the pages had said I should, so I did. I ended up recording it at about 1:00 AM. I got up this morning, to go to work, and then to NBC… And I ended up falling asleep in the NBC lobby. I was so tired, I woke up with some gum in my mouth that don’t remember having when I got there and sat down.

The line was done. Thank goodness Mr. Beam was still standing there next to Penelope, and he gave me my ticket. Ricky walked us over today. He told the people in line "try not to get run over". That is very hard to do, when most of the cars are parked. He left and Silverspoon walked us inside. I don’t see Silverspoon much, she usually work at Universal.

The coolest security guard, Andrew, was playing air guitar with the Bruce Springsteen tape, of an earlier performance on the Tonight Show. I was wondering when he was going to go a little nuts. I listen to the same music in the studio he does, every single day.

When Jay came out to do his warm up monologue, his shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way. He looked like the Neil Diamond of denim. Maybe he was a little tired from his out of town gig last night.

Ashton Kutcher was funny, and very irreverent toward the Washington Monument. He showed us pictures of himself mooning it. Boy, his behind severely needs a tan.

Jenna Fisher from the show "The Office", was delightful. Jenna looks way prettier in person than on the show.

The Music was by Amos Lee, who was really good. He had four other guys playing along with him. The odd thing was that three of them were cute Hispanic looking guys like him, and the forth was this old, old white guy who played the drums. He looked like they might have cleaned him up, just before the show, after finding him in the woods, making moonshine in a still, with Willie Nelson.

Kevin (not the bandleader), Brian, and Jamie, who work behind the scenes, came into the audience to help Jay with skit. (It was different…)

Remember, Day by Jay, oh dear Lord this job, I pray.

Love ya,