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Jay Lift Glo Up Where She Belongs…

Nothing exciting happening in the lobby today. I say hi to everyone. Johnny walks us over, and there is the strangest sight ever! A lady with a cat on a leash, up on her shoulder. You see all types.

Kimber tells me that the lady is strange, and has been here before with her cat on a leash. I wanted to stay and find out more, but the line was moving. The main security guard, that checks us in through the medal detector, is a tough chick. This young lady never smiles and she doesn’t talk much. And so far, I’ve seen her there everyday.

Wow, hot Nick was back for the day collecting tickets. Nick’s face is chiseled, his hair is thick, good teeth and I bet all the female pages want him bad.

I guess I come here too much, because it seems like Mr. Beam has thinned out a little. I’m thinking he’s hitting the gym. It’s had to tell under those plaid shirts he wears everyday.

Jay does his warm up, which I say along with him. He then calls a guy named Abdul out of the audience to take a picture with him. Abdul is a guy Jay met at the gas station and gave tickets to yesterday. I love that about Jay. I’ve meet so many stars who are stuck up or mean; Jay is the kindest celebrity in the world.

Hot camera guy is here. He is Hispanic, I think, and there's something about that bald head of his, that looks so good on him.

First guest on, was Ms. Eva Longoria from "Desperate Housewives", who was stunning. So stunning, and ever so light, that Mr. Leno carried her to her seat. Yes readers, he picked up her perfectly tan body and gently placed her in her chair. Then she laughed and flirted with Jay during every break. He escorted her back and looked at her behind as she walled away. Jay jokingly took out a wad of money, flashed it like it could be Eva’s, then he and Kevin laughed.

I, GloZell Green, am going to lose 20 pounds… No, 35 pounds, so Jay can carry me also.

I met Robert a mechanical engineer for "Days of Our Lives". Robert has worked for "Days "for eight years and has loved every moment of it.

Ms. Toni, who is one of the cool security guards, spoke to me while I was walking to my car. Toni, who is only twenty, has retired from the Army. She is a massage therapist, and is working on her college degree. She hopes to get a car, but doesn’t mind walking, because she wants to lose weight. Toni is not fat, just a little top heavy. (Don’t be mad, Toni, most people have to pay for what you naturally have.)

Remember, if Jay can lift you up, you can't be that desperate…

Love ya,