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A King of Comedy, A Knight of Music, An Earl of Sit-Coms and GloZell - The Queen Bee

Today, I’m in the NBC lobby feeling hot, hot, hot! I got my new weave and color at Anjel’s Salon and Day Spa in Beverly Hills by one of the hot stylist name DaRico Jackson. I did this for OPERATION WIN A TONIGHT SHOW T-SHIRT! In the lobby are four middle age women with short haircuts, black pants and bright green shirts that say I Heart Ellen. I love NBC and their fans. I’m now watching a guy eat a Snickers bar by nibbling the outside chocolate first… I see all types.

Once again, I didn’t get a little yellow ticket, but Mr. Beam must have had a great weekend because he was so nice, like he use to be when I first started coming to the Tonight show over thirty shows ago.

I over heard this guy say that Jay is leaving in two years and 8 months. And That Conan has a contract for at least five years, no more than seven.

The Navy was well represented today - about ten sailors came to see the show, all dressed in pristine white uniforms. One of the lady officers was picked to dance and WON A TONIGHT SHOW T-SHIRT. @&^$%#$! It’s a shame I’ll probably have to fight for my county in order to win one. Thanks to the tiniest page with the big personality Kate from Fla. I got a great seat, I hope she doesn’t get in trouble with Mr. Beam.

The audience was packed and the show started later than usual. Jay came out with his normal jean on jean ware, with a pin in his pocket and an ink stain on his left leg above the knee. I wonder if that stain will be there tomorrow? I don’t think Jay changes his street clothes too often. I enjoy mouthing his warm up dialogue, I’ve seen it so many times I can say it with him.

They guy next to me asked how many times I come to the show? I told him just about every day. He and his wife were visiting from Nebraska. He asked me a lot of questions about myself and what I was writing about. I told them to go to my blog and they seemed eager to do so. They were a younger couple, that came with an older more conservative couple. The older lady handed me a piece of gum. (I did have tuna for lunch) So, I thanked her. The older gentlemen asked who is on the show? I told him Elton John, he frowned. I could guess why. It didn’t help that Elton spoke about his marriage to his partner. The man didn’t clap for him and wasn’t amused by Sir John at all. Oh, well you can’t win them all.

I felt bad for Jason Lee; the star of my name is Earl, because everybody wanted to see Elton (except you know who). Jason was a pretty good guest, but Elton is a living legend. When Elton sang, it was almost spiritual, the feeling that I believe was running though everyone. Even you know who.

Remember, we shall over come… One Tonight show at a time.

Love ya,