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Mary Glo Round...

Oh, my goodness! Right when I sat down in the NBC lobby ,a black lady named Millie, who was wearing a pink scarf on her head, oversized jeans, white shirt, large black coat, with a very airy high voice told me she needs to see Jay Leno, because he can help her fined her mother in Alabama. This woman was crazy. Then she went on and on about how hungry she was. I told her to asked talk to the people at the front desk. I was praying that people wouldn’t think that we were together or that she knew me. After ten minutes Millie sat down and said very loudly "Hey Ms. Hey sister Lionel Richie is going to be on the Leno show". I turned and coldly said "is that so". I was thinking to myself stop talking to me. I’m trying to be cute so I can get a little yellow ticket that allows me to sit up front at the show. Why did she have to be black, I’m so embarrassed. Millie put her heavy fake fur on top of her head and started rocking back and forth, mumbling about how Lionel and Jay is gonna take her to see her folks in Alabama. It is cold in the lobby and Millie started to cough. I wouldn’t even look her way, how did she get here? She needs to go away!

Anika walked by (an African American young lady who works the front desk). Jokingly, I said, "hey what’s up with your people?" Anika whispered who is that? I proudly said, "she’s not with me," and laughed. Millie asked for some money to buy some food, I told her to talk to Anika. I thought it would be funny.

Anika went to the vending machine and said what do you want? Millie said with lots of excitement "Ooh, Cheetos… ooh, Cheetos"! I watched Anika, who looks about ten years younger than myself, put the money in the machine and before she could press the buttons Millie said and M&M’s too. Anika got the Cheetoes and went back to the desk then came back and asked Millie what kind of M&M’s she wanted, and bought them for her. Before Millie could open the M&M’s Anika was handing her a cold NBC bottled water.

I felt myself wanting to cry Millie was eating that food so fast. One could tell whe was truly hungry. I’m such a jerk, I felt terrible. After Millie was done, she walked around with this large black coat on top of her head. I decided it wasn’t too late to give her something. I had five dollars in my purse, when I looked up from my purse to give Millie the money she was gone. I had an opportunity to help someone and I missed it! That blessing is going to Anika. Anika is younger than I am, but she taught me how a human should treat one another. Thank you Anika!

A slim lady with short gray hair announced that she paralleled parked perfectly for the second time in her life and nobody saw it. I understand. I’m a female driver from Fla. She was funny and I needed that laugh. Then a guy opens a closed door in the lobby and the alarm goes off. What a wacky day.

Kelly and Dave are expecting a baby soon and are on a trip to Cal. before they are parents; they came all the way from Kanssas City to see Jay Leno. They were a nice couple, who thought it was great that I come to the Tonight show almost every day. They said God bless you, that made me feel real good. I hope all is well with the baby.

I dressed nice today but no little yellow ticket; I didn’t deserve one today.

Oh, goodie Becky is the page walking us over. This girl has the quality to make it in whatever she wants to go into. She is leaning towards production and radio; also, she does Karaoke at the Mexican restaurant across the street. (She does a killer "Total Eclipse of the Heart").

During the show, I sat next to Mary and Vic Etherington from Worthing England. They were delightful. Mary spoke to me every break and wished me well on my Tonight Show quest. Billy Bob Thorton was witty and sexy; Diane Lane had on some beautiful shoes, and spoke about how romantic her husband is and how well their children get along.

Lionel Richie did a great job on the song he sang. The only strange thing is the Tonight show changed the background where the musical groups plays. They have this pretty blue material with a large painted bowl of flowers. That doesn’t work when you have Lionel singing R&B with his all male band. After the show, I saw the warm up comedian grab Lionel for a quick picture.

Remember be kind to everyone, they could be Angels in disguise.

Love ya,