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Cooking Tiger, Hidden GloZell...

On my way to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" a man stopped me on Bob Hope Drive, and asked for my help. Mr. J.L.( not Jay Leno) had placed his cell on top of his beautiful silver Mercedes and then started to drive off. So, he asked if he could use my cell phone to make some calls and to call his cell phone.

We found his cell phone, and he gave me some money. I told him he didn’t have to. It turns out that he is a big shot at Warner Brother Studios and that he would help me do what ever I need within is in his power. He said and I quote "You saved my life, my phone cost five-hundred dollars and the numbers in it, are priceless".

Only in California you can save a man’s life by finding his cell phone. Wait a cotton picking minute… Five-hundred dollars for a cell phone. What? Does it cook?

In the lobby, Naomi (a Page) introduced me to her boyfriend’s brother, and his friend from Italy. I walked them over and they ended up in front row seats.

I ended up sitting in the VIP section (Thanks Charlie Dan) next to a large man who kept putting his elbow in my face as he lifted up his arm to scratch under his arm pit. (Thanks Charlie Dan) I don’t know what was under there but it smelled like it was trying to get out.

It was cool seeing the legendary Tiger Woods. The interview was sweet and touching while Tiger spoke fondly about his dad. He wiped a tear away when Jay showed a clip of Tiger, when he was four with his dad on the Mike Douglas Show.

Emeril Lagasse cooked on the show, but didn’t say his famous "Bam"! So, what’s the point? He did give everyone a cookbook, so that made up for it.

Tiger didn’t give us his new golf video game. (Just an independent statement I wanted to make.)

The food Emeril made smelled tasty. Jay gave some food to a few of the audience members in the front row. (Mostly the old ones, they were so happy.) Then he gave them napkins. I love Jay Leno, how could anyone not, he is the sweetest man in California.

Big chin = Big heart.

The musical guest Chingy, along with the singer Tyrese (Who is blacker than a hundred midnight’s down in a Cypress swamp.) performed. "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is doing this new thing, where the musical guest comes out into the audience. That works great because the audience didn’t know them, and didn’t care until they came out into the crowd. We all waved our hands in the air and waved them like we just didn’t care.

I had to go to the bathroom so badly. But, they were shooting a clip for a film a new Tom Hanks movie, and we all had to stay longer. Jay had to pretend to interview Tom Arnold. (Who kept messing up) The arm pit scratcher was digging for gold under dem dar pits, and I was about to explode.

Kevin (The bandleader) hugged two older black women in the audience, the oldest one had blonde hair, I don’t think it was natural.

"The Tonight Show’s" saxophone player’s hair is so shellacked to his head, it looks like he paints his head. (I know, I shouldn’t talk, I look like a Tina Turner drag queen.)

(Speaking of queens…)

Ross the Intern was funny as always, and I am looking forward to working with him.

Remember; stay in your own personal space especially when you have under arm issues.
It doesn’t have to be a secret; it is strong enough for a man.

Love Ya,