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Glo…Glo… Shelia

Welcome back from hiatus "Tonight Show" I missed you!

It was great being back.

Behind the desk in the NBC lobby Sam and Irish Beck (pages) both got hair cuts. Sam’s cut makes him look mature (which is good because he is dating his older hot Japanese tutor), and Irish Beck added layers and highlights. Both looked good.

During the hiatus, Mary called me from England! Mary and I met at the Tonight Show last month, she and her husband are doing well.

During the hiatus I went to Albertson’s, the grocery store, and I saw a man with a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" T-shirt on, and of course I had to talk to him. It turns out that he works for the show and that he can’t stand the warm up comedian, Bob, who is a jerk. (Not my words but his). He told me that Bob is under a contract and that Jay can’t do anything about it. He also said that a lot of people complain about Bob. He went on to say that some of the guys that were with Justin Timberlake, when he performed the last time on the Tonight Show, didn’t like Bob’s attitude backstage.(I just report what I’m told.)

It was 1:30 and the was news on the TV in the lobby. That didn’t make sense, the show "Days of our Lives" should be on. Another lady agreed that this is not the normal NBC show. I called over the page, Ice, and he turned it to the correct station.

I ended up sitting next to that lady from the lobby, and her husband. They are Chris, and Dave Harrison from Beecher, Illinois. This is a small community with two stoplights, goats, corn and one McDonalds. Mrs. Harrison said if they get a Dunkin’ Donuts she would be flipping happy. I quote "I’d be happier than a pig in poop". That’s right, pigs are happier in poop. Who’d have thought…

Soon after I got to know them, Mr. Beam (who is own way is powerful) moved me to the second row. I thought I would have to lose 30 pounds and get a lift and tuck before that would ever happen. I shook Jay’s hand when he came out.

I sat next to the coolest black girl from Charlotte N.C. We hit it off. If we were at a club, I would be hating, because she is light skin with light eyes and thin. But we are at the Jay Leno show, and she is my friend for and hour. I told her who was going to be picked to take a picture with Jay, and who was going to dance to get a T-shirt. BBB’s "Big Boobed Blondes" and I was right. We laughed and had a great time.

Sheila Jones knows Lamar Carter, the drummer in Carrie Underwood’s band. I went back stage with her and we hugged goodbye. I wished her a safe trip on the red eye back to N.C.

Jay should do a segment, where I visit the people I met at the Jay Leno Show, in their home towns. I’m a genius!

Tim Allen came on and show some hilarious bloopers from "The Santa Clause 3" and Carrie Underwood sang beautifully. I'd mention David Eckstein was on the show, but I'm not really into Baseball.

Remember, pigs may be happy in poop, but guess what I had for dinner?

Love Ya,