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GloZell and Ice, Ice, Boobie…

In the NBC lobby, the page named, Felix A.K.A. "Rockstar" informed me that there are seven new pages starting today. We’ll see who sticks out in the new crowd; the older pages are splendid. New pages are going to have to bring their "A" game.

We say goodbye to two awesome pages Kell, and Omega. Kell will be working on a degree in Screenwriting, and Omega has two great job offers at other networks (NBC is the best) and he has to choose.

Kate (An awesome page) is back to her chipper self; it must have been the lunch that her "friend" Omega bought her Friday, to make her feel all better.

I will no longer be talking about Tom. He has indicated twice, that he doesn’t want me to talk about him. Boo Hoo you will be missed.

Charlie Dan’s eye was bothering him today, so he drowned his left eye in solution. (There will be a point to this, keep reading)

I ran into the page, Ice, and his grand mother who is visiting him, and spoiling him rotten, by buying him whatever he wants. She is a very sweet lady and spent a good amount of time talking to me. I called her Granny Ice and she said that was fine. Ice took the day off to go to "The Tonight Show" with Ms. Granny Ice.

I ended up sitting in VIP section, (thanks Kate) next to Teri and Cherl, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They work for an airline company. Both sat in line for hours, and ended up in great seats. It was their first time in California, and they said, they have met only nice people, including me. They were having a girl’s vacation and left the husbands, and the kids back at home.

A very large breasted woman in a" Oh my goodness I hope that thing holds" tight tank top, kept frolicking back and forth across the stage, before the show started. It got to the point that people started to clap for her, when her heaving breasts were bouncing unnaturally around.

I turned to Teri and said that girl is going to get picked to dance and get and NBC prize. Just as sure as the days are long, that girl was picked. Boobie girl danced, and grabbed Ice who was sitting next to Granny Ice and shoved his face right into her Silicone Valley. The audience loved it and so did Ice. But Grandma…

Charlie Dan’s eye seemed to be healed before we left. It’s a miracle! Whenever boobie girl needed something, she wold motion for Charlie Dan, and he would answer whatever questions she seemed to have. Then he and fine bald guy would laugh.

This is a first while I’ve been going to the show. Tonight’s guests were all woman. There was Tina Fey, from the show "30 Rock", a lady golf pro, and the singer Fergie. Three completely different types of women. I don’t think Charlie Dan even watched the show, he was mesmerized by two large objects staring back at him.

Mr. Beam had on this dark chocolate shirt, and I tell you I have been going to the show too long. Mr. Beam is starting to look good to me. If he’d get a little tan so he didn’t look Boo white, he would be cool. My boyfriend is white, and bald. Maybe, I need to go to white bald men’s anonymous.

Oh, and we got golf balls on our way out. Oooooo....

Remember, in California, ain’t no mountains high enough…

Love ya,