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GloZell and Jay vs Dave...

In the NBC lobby, two pages said I should apply to be a page. For those who don’t know I was let fired from my massage therapy job in Beverly Hills last Saturday because my boss didn’t like the fact that I go to the Tonight Show every day. (She is such a pedigree.)

Kate (a page) was all dressed up again. I think Omega and her make a good couple. Omega is also a page who looks like the all american man. They always hang out, but tell everyone they are just friends. (Tell that to someone else.) Omega suggested that I do my top ten favorites Tonight Show’s on my blog, great idea! I love the NBC pages!

Penelope was in charge of the 2:00 pm tour, I guess it’s been awhile, because she set off the alarm and Ben had to help her.

I ended up having a great conversation with Alan and Fred. They are professional writers and are currently pitching a few shows. Alan started telling great stories. One of my favorites was about Andy Kaufman and a swimming pool, he had me rolling. Both Fred and Alan are friends with one of the head writers of "The Tonight Show" named Joe. Joe had to leave the show early but Fred, Alan, and the two hot chicks they were with enjoyed themselves.

Ice walked us over to the studio today, his dream is to work in the music industry. I can see him doing that, he’s nice in a yo, I got it going on, sort of way.

I sat next to Cita and her friend Dave. Dave said he was hoping that one of the male pages would take off their shirt. (I root for Nick)

Cita got in trouble with Andrew, ( the on stage security guard) A.k.a." The Hair" because she was using her cell phone inside. When she got up to use her phone outside, Dave said she was calling her future husband. Cita met a guy in West Hollywood at the Ralphs grocery store, actually she called it the gay Ralphs. He turned out to be the Bass player in Rod Stewart’s band. Wow! That is like so Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. It’s Sex in the Cita. (Ha, Ha, Ha. You must laugh)

His name is Conrad and I wish them much luck and love, (Awwwww…)

I guess she dragged Dave to the show with her, because he politely told me he doesn’t like Jay. I said, excuse me what did you say? He rudely repeated, "I don’t like Jay, he’s not funny." I was stunned. Cita quickly said that she seen Jay do stand up, and he was hilarious.

During Jay’s pre-show warm up, An elder lady asked for an autograph, and fell, once she stepped on the stage. I mean she fell hard, I know her knees are going to hurt in the morning.

Dave did thumbs up, down and sideways to each of Jay’s jokes during his monologue.
It didn’t help that this was a very strange and awkward show. Not all of the seats were filled. Jay’s monologue had something about being gay in almost every joke. Jay messed up a joke and blamed it on the fact a band member touched him. Then Ross the Intern referred to Jay as Dad and Jay called him Son. It was gay overkill. Dave was not amused.

Dave likes the dark humor of David Letterman, and was amazed that I go to The Tonight Show everyday. Dave said the set was ugly with its overgrown lamp, and that the band sounded like elevator music, except louder.

I said well at least Jay is better looking than David Letterman is. City and Dave both said, no, at the same time. I was in shock, how could they say that? (Well, I do have strange taste in men). Still trying to get them to agree with something, I said, "Jay has better hair" Dave said, it looks like a skunk.

I had to stop talking to them before my blood pressure started to rise.

Jay slammed Michael Clark Duncan, again, about his clothes, which is an on going joke with them. The comedian, Lisa L., who was the next guest, was loud and rude. Lisa was too much for Michael to handle, so he left during the show, looking like he was going to walk that last green mile. Backstage, I guess his agent or somebody said you better get back out there and dance, monkey. Michael came back out smiled and made it through the rest of the show. Though when they were taking pictures, he politely moved to the other side of Jay.

Rod Stewart was the best guest. There were two Rod Stewart fans siting in front of me. Both of them were dressed too young for their age, the one with the bright red hair, had a bra that was so tight, and so small, she had breast apples. And the other one was alright, but a note to the baby boomers, please don’t wear low rider jean with granny panties!

Dave and I agreed that her bass player, Conrad, was hot and that Cita has really good taste in men.

Remember, you shouldn’t judge anyone unless you walk a mile in their shoes.

Love ya,