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GloZell Has Rich Friends…

In the lobby, I heard in a sweet country voice "Are you GloZell?" I said yes, then this lovely lady said "I heard about you from my friend, Rich, yesterday. She went on to say that her sister was on "Wheel of Fortune", and that she and her friends were from Virgina. Rich already told them about me, and to look for me. There was Ashley, Alison, Berry, and John. They guys didn’t get in, but the girls managed to. I instructed them on how to get a picture with Jay got a picture with Jay. Yeah!

The Teddy Bear page, named Ricky, told me a joke: Kevin Federline isn’t going to sing he is just going to count his wife’s money for 3 minutes. (Get it… His wife is Britney Spears… Ok, you had to be there.)

Let’s hope Ricky gets the assignment he wants. Go Ricky!

Tyson and Jerry were flirting with three girls in the studio, who were in high school. They got a chance to take a picture with Jay, but he didn’t stand close to them.

I sat in Mrs. Leno’s seats, behind me was a Psychotherapist who was good friends with Ms. Helga the lady who books Jay’s Vegas gigs. He went on to say how nice Jay was and that there isn’t a nicer guy in the industry. Then he got distracted when the Pussy Cat Dolls video came on the screen. Meow

Sally Field was cute and had a great shape. It would have been better if she had a little tan with that short skirt she had on. I could almost see her Gidget.

The bug man, Ruud Kleinpaste, was nutty and fun. His bugs crawled on Sally and on his face. He said that one day humans will be eating roaches. That’s the day I develop an eating disorder.(No offence Nicole Richie)

Kevin Federline was what he was and that’s all I have to say about him.

Remember, with a little tabasco sauce, everything tastes good!

Love ya,