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GloZell… I’ll be Back… Sexy back!

It’s a Sexy day at NBC

Inside the suggestion box, in the NBC lobby, a guest stated that Felix was cute. Not that anyone was surprised, she was just stating the obvious. For anyone to be complimented, while wearing a NBC page uniform, is unbelievable. Felix also plays the bass guitar, which is so SEXY! He used to be in a band in college, rock on dude!

I had on a push up bra by Victoria secret, which was SEXY!

Candy changed her hair, it was curly and SEXY!

Naomi’s new hair cut is SEXY!

Kate was in a hit and run accident today, so everyone give her a massage. She is going to feel it tomorro. Today, she was wearing skin tight stretch jeans that she painted on, which was SEXY!

A lady in the lobby was talking about her Golden Poodle, a retriever mixed with poodle. She said her dog looks like a Golden Retriever with a perm.

Mr. Beam reminded me that Jay will be on hiatus for a few days this month. Him being so sweet and bald, is SEXY! (I use to think Mr. Clean was hot… I need help, please pray for me)

In the audience, I kid you not, was the most beautiful girl, who happened to be quadriplegic. She had a the thick blond curly hair and dimples, and was chosen to dance and get a Tonight Show T-shirt.

If you have to be in a wheelchair at least be SEXY! You go sexy handicapped girl (Was that politically incorrect to say?)

Kell, who is a great page, is leaving. Today was her last day. Before Kell left, she got a chance to take a picture with Jay. Take care, and I wish you well. Stay Sexy!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a big broad back, and his accent is Sexy!

Hedi Klum is seven months pregnant and still Sexy!

Le Rêve was like a dream come true - half naked men dancing, flipping and SEXY!

It was a Sexy day at the Tonight Show.

Remember, if you can’t be Sexy… stay home.

Love ya,