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GloZell Passes the Barr...

In the NBC lobby, I was well received with my Monk costume on. Anita who doesn’t speak to me much asked what am I doing for Halloween? I told her I was going over to my church friend’s house for spaghetti and eyeballs. (I don’t think I impressed her at all.)

Please send get-well wishes to the NBC Ghostbuster, who is still under the weather.

I got a great seat today thanks to Charlie Dan. Sweet!

In the audience a woman with horns coming out of her head, started yelling out "Manson" over and over. Bob, the warm up comedian, told her to stop, she stuck her tongue out at him. Bob threatened to throw her out of the studio. She told him, kiss my _ _ _ but he didn’t hear her.

The page, Lock, was playing peak a boo with the one of the lighting guys. Lock always has fun, and doesn’t come across as rude, which is interesting because she is French.

Roseanne Barr was funny as always, and seemed to be a little tipsy. (Got to love her.) Roseanne said she is not surprised that Tom Arnold got a divorce. That more people should get one, and more people should drink. (Only in America)

Sharon Osbourne was fun and smart. She said, she got implants in her behind. During the breaks, Roseanne was asking about it and rubbing on Sharon’s behind to see what her implants felt like.

Marilyn Manson has a huge following; the audience was mainly there for him. They cheered and threw up the devil sign. I rebuked the whole thing.

Remember, friends don’t let friends drink and grope, in front of innocent audience members.

Love Ya,