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GloZell Promises to Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth...

I had great seats today, I sat next to Mr. Sunisloe, his girlfriend Ms. Patty, and Mr. Pyszora and his girlfriend. They were from Detroit Michigan. Mr. Sunisloe started asking me questions, and it didn’t surprise me to find out that he was an Attorney at Law.

At first, he didn’t believe that I come to every show. It wasn’t until all the pages and the security guard at different times waved and smiled at me, then he believed me. (He is a lawyer after all.)

Mr. Sunisloe once saw Jay perform at a casino in Michigan, and was impressed at how funny he was without being vulgar. (That’s why I love Jay)

Patty had some business in California and arranged for them to go to the Tonight Show. The last time Mr. Sunisloe was at the Tonight Show, was with Johnny Carson and his Ex-wife.

I told Mr. Sunisloe how to get a picture with Jay, and he did. Patty and Mr. Sunisloe ended up having a better time than he had before. Yea, for them.

Ms. Vicky (member of the band) squeaked, when Jay said that David Hasselhoff is going to do Shakespeare.

Sandra Bullock was pretty in an all back strapless dress, and told how she loves to build houses.

Michael Caine… Excuse me, Sir Michael Caine told a funny story about how he almost became a communist, and how he wears Payless shoes because they don’t have laces.

Chris Young was a hot country singer with a very sexy, mature voice. I believe he is going to go far.

Remember, don’t mention your past when you are sitting next to your future.

Love ya,