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GloZell’s Dreaming of a White Halloween…

In the lobby a guy was saying how he and his wife were getting a divorce, and he told her she could take anything she wanted. He came home one day and he didn’t even have a bed to sleep in. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You tell a woman she can have what she wants… She wants everything.

Ms.Tati is back from Russia with love. (Her fiancé) Strange thing, she got an ear infection and eventually developed a hole in her ear. So make sure you speak up when you speak to her.

Naomi’s eyebrows are beautiful; she gets them done by a big curry smelling woman who is very nice and does great threading work on the brows.

I once got my bikini threaded, and that was the worst pain. It was just a just half a bikini, sort of a "bik" because I couldn’t let her finish. I guess they need to use fishing wire for the ruff stuff.

I met a great guy. His name is Rich Minor and he is so awesome. I felt like I just met a friend. He is a morning jock in Roanoke, Virginia. His show is called "The morning Mess". Jammin’ 106.1 101.7 JJS. Rich was in town with his lovely friend Vicky. (I hope I got her name right)

I told Rich how I come to the show everyday and that I have a blog. He said he was going to attach it to his blog in Virginia, and talk about me on his radio show. COOL

Rich also was going to be on the show "Wheel of Fortune". He’s taping it tomorrow. Watch out for him.

I told rich how to get a picture with Jay, and he and his friend did. I was so happy! I know we will meet again, we just clicked like old pals.

Charlie Dan is under the weather. Please send him healing energy because he is grouchy when he is sick.

I got a good seat today thanks to Kati, (who has been 23 years old for two days), Becky, hole in the ear Tati and of course a special thanks to Mr. Beam who is in charge of all the pages.

The loudest girl in the world was laughing in my ear the whole show. She even passed a note that she wanted to get to Jay. She was in the back row and the note made it down to the stage security guard Andrew A.K.A. "The Hair"

They had to set up for the Mad Scientist David Willey. He was going to blow up things on the stage. Which meant Dr. E actually had work to do today.

Dr. E used to open the curtains for Johnny Carson over twenty years ago. No one knows what he does now; he just kept showing up, for twenty years after his job is gone. He’s got me beat. I work more for the show than he does.
Jay inherited him.

Sarah McLachlan, the musical guest, was great. It’s two weeks before Halloween and she sings a beautiful Christmas song. Funny thing was she didn’t know the words, there was a guy holding cue cards for her. The band looked bored to death but they were very talented and played well.

Remember, Be rich in spirit, and you’ll be rich in life...

Love ya,