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Liars, Tigers, and GloZell. Oh. My!...

In the lobby, four hot guys walked in with one cute girl. I’m talking on my cell phone to my good friend Al Lewis, who is a massage therapist to the stars. Then I notice the hottest one is staring at me. (Well, my chest, but I’ll take that!) He had a great looking face and cute blonde, faux Hawk hair style. He was bold and sexy. He told me that I was a fantasy, if he is lying I don’t care. His name is Ryan and is from Phoenix, he is a contractor and told me he was good with his hands and will fix anything that I need fixing. (Is it getting hot in here?)

Omega walked us over today. I don’t know what he did, but Kate was not in a good mood today. Omega, you should tell her she is a fantasy. (Don’t tell her you got it from Ryan.)

I sat next to Riva, from Toronto Canada. She was worried that her daughter Renny and friends wouldn’t get in. They made it in and Riva was relived. Renny just turned sweet sixteen, happy birthday Renny and many more.

Fun facts about Riva. She is an Independent Chartered Accountant in Canada it’s called C. P. A. in America. Also Riva went to high school with Howie Mandel who married his high school sweetheart from the same high school, W.L. McKenzie C.I. (I love stuff like that!)

When Jay did his warm up, he asked like he always does " Any Questions?" A guy from Israel asked if he could recite a poem that he wrote. Jay said yes, and the guy did a poem that we couldn’t understand, because of his thick accent. It was something about Angels and eyes.

Jay’s announcer John M., had a birthday this week. Keep up the good work old man!

Their were animals on the show today, brought in by animal expert Jarod Miller. Jay was bit by a baby white Bangle Tiger. It broke his skin, and Jay was lightly bleeding on his hand. (Some animal expert…)

His second guest, Bradley Whitford, from the show "Studio 60 on sunset Strip" , brought the testicles of his dog on the show. That was nasty!

They musical guest had this classic rock sound, it was good. The drummer had a drum set that looked like it was made by Gorge Washington Carver it was so old.

Remember, A fantasy is nice, but there’s nothing like the real thing baby…

Love ya,