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No New Hart for Glo...

In the lobby of NBC. Two cute guys are talking about South Park and a character called Big Chin. It didn’t take me long to realize the character was based on Jay Leno. I moved because I defended Jay yesterday, and I didn’t want to go through that again.

I was happy because Bob Newhart was on today.

Felix walked us over. He is slim with dark poofed hair. He looks like he can have a secret life as Rock Star. You know, the type with the skintight black pants and black eye liner. Felix has a nice foreign car. He didn’t get that from giving NBC tours.

I saw Molly from my church. (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) She was with three other people, who were in town for a Christian convention. Two of the people got a chance to take a picture with Jay. Molly was talking to one of the producers, Scott, and other high positioned people from the show. I will talk to her Sunday and get more information.

Jay made the most out of a monologue - that kind of tanked. He felt bad, because his mentor Bob Newhart was on.

I was hopping to see Bob after the show when the stars drive out on Bob Hope Dr., but he was already gone. Jay waved at me as I stood there feeling, and looking, stupid holding my Bob Newhart album. To my surprise, no one was waiting to get an autograph from today’s guest. I was the only groupie. I sadly walked back to my car knowing I might not get another chance to meet Bob.

I guess I love old white men. Darn that Colonel Sanders and his amazing fried chicken.

The musical group "Cab Freddy" were really great. Add to that, the band was hot! The lead singer looked like Hugh Jackman. But a word of advice to the lead singer, lose the leopard print slippers - they don't match your hotness.

Remember, for an old guy, Bob Newhart can sure move out quickly.

Love ya,