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Things Are Poppin' Out All Over... GloZell...

Shhhh… Because it’s Kate’s (a Page) birthday, everyone buy her stuff! If you want to know what number, ask her, I don’t want her coming after me. She is going to party in my home state, Florida. Go Gators!

Please send out positive energy to Omega, as he figures out what great job to take.

In the Lobby, a lady wanted chips but her chips got stuck, so I used my good hip to gently bump the machine. When the chips fell everyone cheered.

As I sit in the lobby, I start to wonder, what am I going to be, when I grow up? Well I can always ask Charlie Dan ‘s father. who is a therapist on the show Starting Over. I can see my self now, Hello, my name is GloZell, and I am a Jay Leno-holic. They would book me.

Inside the studio a lady started saying how she didn’t like Conan and that he would have to change his humor when he takes over for Jay. She said, that Conan was going to leave NBC, but then NBC gave him a contract for the Tonight Show, so he stayed. Also she stated that Jay will be 59 years old when he retires. In her defense she did say that Conan did a great job hosting the Oscars because he wasn’t doing his regular sarcastic humor.

A Big birdie told me that Conan has an contract to take over The Tonight Show but contract break all the time and that Conan will not be taking over. Remember how everyone thought David Lettermen would be taking over for the Tonight Show after Johnny, including David? The Big birdie said the same thing is going to happen again. Big bird said that NBC is going to go with a younger person like Carson Daily or Jimmy Kimmel.

Carson has the looks and the name, but he isn’t funny and too stiff. Jimmy has the personality, and the funny, but he isn’t tall enough. On the other hand, his name starts with the letter "J": Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, all started with the letter "J".

Carson could over the next two years take some improv classes and improve, or Jimmy Kimmel can wear lifts. They both have great hair. ( They could pick me, because I’m tall and I can wear a weave). What’s that no "J" in my name?… Well, I can marry my boyfriend, R.M. Johnson, and I will have that "J"… I should be President, I'm so smart.

I sat in the VIP section of the audience, next this nice looking guy. No sooner than I thought that, he squeezes something on his neck, and the nasty head of it squirts out and lands on my purple sweater. Oh, GloZell to the no, he didn’t.

There was and odd smell in the studio. I saw the announcer John sniff around and ask, What is that smell?" I didn’t care about the smell, I was next to a pimple popping, juice flying, pudgy Ben Affleck looking, pick my teeth with a business card, in public, man. (Say that five times fast.)

The guests on the show today, were Hugh Jackman, and Tim McGraw. Both were hot, but that’s about all I have to say about them.

Remember, love what you do, and do what you love… unless it’s grossing out the innocent people at "The Tonight Show" with the wonderful, talented, wholesome, hardworking, happily married (to a great spokeswoman for African woman’s rights) Jay "The Saint" Leno.

Love ya,