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Trick or Trip. GloZell...

Ben, Ricky, Penelope, and Lock (NBC pages) congratulations on your new assignments!

Ricky told me that two people laughed at his Kevin Federline joke. I don’t think Jay is in jeopardy of loosing his job. It was Kevin isn’t going to sing he is going to stand and count his wife’s money for three minutes… ha, ha, ha.

Candi asked me, what am I going to do during the week long hiatus? I don’t know. The thought makes me sad. I’m going to spend the time with my boyfriend, who puts up with me going to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, everyday.

In the lobby two guys were talking about how they would love to have one of Jay’s cars. The Ford G.T. or his Corvett in particular.

Lock walked us over to the studio. In the studio I met some great people. Erik, from Long Beach, Shari, from North Dakota, and Jill, from Minnesota. They all knew each other from high school. Erik (sorry if I’m spelling your name wrong) said while he wa in line he over heard two obnoxious girls say how they were going to make cat noises during the show, to get on camera.

Erik pointed them out, and also told us how one of them said they have crabs. (Gross nasty trailer park tricks) Low and behold they started flirting with Andrew, the on stage security guard.( AKA "The Hair") I said, he’s going to tell them how to get a picture with Jay.

Lindsay, Kerri and Amanda who know each other from college, they're all cute blondes, and wanted a picture also. The tricks Erik were talking to me about, all got a picture with Jay. They had the audacity to tell Jay, they were funnier than he was. They told horrible jokes, and wouldn’t leave the stage. The two jokes were; What do you call a cow with no legs?… ground beef. Where does a lady with one leg go to eat?… I Hop. (Well, Ricky… things are looking up for your comedy career.)

It got to the point people started booing them. (Erik started the booing… and I thank you.)

They took up all Jay’s time, and my people couldn’t get picture.

I’m so embarrassed that they are from Florida! (Why am I spending so much time talking about them?)

During one of the breaks, Vicky started singing and tripped… it was funny. (She didn’t get hurt, so you can laugh too… ha!)

Erik told me that Shari liked Michael, the stage manager. I told her he was married, but Erik said she doesn’t care, that’s how she likes them. I think he’s hot also, but he needs to cut his "Ode to the 80’s" long hair, and then he will be extra hot!

Amanda Peet was beautiful and 5 months pregnant. When Jay went to show a clip of her show, his T.V. wouldn’t work. (Maybe the ghost of Johnny…)

John Landis, and the Spiridellis brothers, were funny. John Landis was uncomfortable in the guest chair. It was kind of strange. He was promoting their web sight, Jib

The musical guest JoJo was cute and had a good song. John Landis talked to Amanda Peet during the whole song. How rude. JoJo’s top was a cute shade of pink, but it had a slight rip on the right side. (Yes, I noticed.)

Jay made a joke about Jib Jab, JoJo and Jew, Jew. (See Ricky, you do have a chance.)

P.S. Erik wants to be a back-up dancer for Tina Turner…

Remember, jokes are like opinions, everyone has one, and their not all good…

Love ya,