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Uno... Glo... Tres...

In the lobby at NBC, Anita and Tom were playing the card game,"Uno". The lobby was quiet except for people saying green, red, and Uno as they played. Anita thought it would be better to say hola, instead of Uno. They continued the game in between the few people who came in today.

Tom isn’t a page, but he had to do the job of one, toda,y because one of the regular pages was stuck in traffic. He ended up having to give the 2:00 NBC tour.

I can’t even describe what just walked in. One was a tall slender man wearing a white yachting hat, large rimed shades, a cartoon printed long sleeve shirt, pants with bold colored shapes, and argyle socks with white open toe sandals. He said, that he looked like Walt Disney vomited on him. His friends were dressed almost as interesting as he was also. One had a Mohawk, and another had a brown and cream cow print suit. What a sight, I knew they would make this audience different.

I ended up sitting next to them. They were from Oregon and were given tickets by Tom Green (One of the corespondents for the Tonight Show) when he interviewed their friend at their workplace, Voodoo Donut for a segment on the show.

Debbie Vickers has the best handwriting… She can write so neat, so fast. Ms. Debbie is the one who writes the cue cards that Jay reads. I love it when she has to use the off stage phone that looks like baboon’s behind.

The musical guest was "Jet", an Australian band who were very good. The lead singer had a strong voice, and even though they looked punk, they sang amazing Rock-n-Roll.

On the way out, Tres (the guy with the cartoon shirt) introduced himself and told me if I’m ever in Oregon, please stop by Voodoo donut. Tres and his friends were so nice, I’m looking forward to hanging out with them in their home town, one day.

Remember, don’t judge a cartoon by its cover.

Love ya,