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What a Difference a Jay makes, to GloZell…

My boss asked me to choose between going to see "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, or quitting. Of course, I chose Jay. I truly believe something great is going to come out of going to the show everyday. So, readers please send positive energy my way in form of a great job.

I don’t know if you have ever had a boss who wants to make your life miserable just because theirs is. It’s a shame what a little power can do to people.

In the lobby of the Tonight Show, I noticed the eye make-up on Kell. It looked great. Now if we can get make-up and hair done at the same time? (I’m just hating, give me a break I just lost my job.) Kell is pretty cool; she is in school to be a screenwriter at UCLA. (Maybe, she can write a movie about a black girl with a big behind who loses her job in Beverly Hills, because of Jay Leno… That’s a blockbuster!)

Two people are passed out sleeping on the seats in the lobby. They’d been sleep for over and hour. I started watching "Days of Our Lives", a soap that tapes at NBC. OH, NO! They recently changed the actor who has been playing Sean Brady for years. First, I get fired now this!

The sleeping girls got to NBC early so they could see the musical guest on the show John Mayer. When they woke up, we stated talking and they were very interesting. Meagan and Stephanie love John Mayer and recently went to his concert. Meagan is a professional at camping out to see stars. She camped out for two years in a row, in order to go to the Oscars. Until, 911 happened, then they weren’t allowed too. Those blasted terrorists! Both of them attended Cypress College and want to major in Speech Therapy. Meagan handed me coupons for Dave and Busters, which they received at the John Mayer concert. Also in the lobby was a man who appeared to be homeless and didn’t have enough change to get anything out of the vending machine, so he stood in front of it, looking through the glass. Meagan gave him some change, and he got himself a Twix. When I have millions I’m going to reward people like Meagan.

Andrew, the Irish’s security guard (A.k.a. "the Hair"), who is usually on stage when we arrive at the studio was off eating and arrived a little before the pre show. Ha, Ha, there were no hot girls in the front row for him to flirt with today.

Naomi’s, hair was darling, making her one of the cutest pages there today. During Jay’s warm up, I couldn’t help but notice that Jay’s flap was opened to his wrinkled pants exposing the zipper’s teeth. (I come every day folks I live for something different.)

Stephanie and Meagan had stand by tickets, so I was so happy to see them get in and have great seats.

Wanda Sykes was a great guest; she had us falling out of our chairs with laughter. Chris Mathews was informative about what’s going on in Washington. Mr. Mathews pants were a little too short, because when he sat down he exposed way too much leg, all the way to the top of his dress socks.

The musical guest, John Mayer, is very tall, talented, and kinda hot. He was wonderful, and has an old jazzy sound that works. John also has the world’s tiniest black guitar player, with a Mohawk. I swear he was no bigger than his guitar!

Outside, I met three ladies who were hoping to get a picture of Jay while he was outside. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but they enjoyed the show. One of the ladies (one of the most petite there) just moved to California, her name was pronounced Pizza. I love meeting all the people who come to "The Tonight Show".

Remember, candy may just be candy to you, for some it’s a meal…

Love ya,