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Denzel and GloZell… Any questions?

My first day at my new place of work. Richard my boyfriend brought me flowers. My last client left at 2:15. I had 15 minutes to get to NBC. I made it just in time to hear Mr. Beam’s announcement before we walked to the studio.

I believe NBC is secretly hanging meat. That is the only reason to have it so ice cold in the studio. Would it kill them to have it above freezing!

I sat next to the coolest couple who has been married for 30 years. Mrs. Claire and Mr. Wayne from Massachusetts. They are in California because their daughter the beautiful Kendra is marrying the handsome Johan, this Saturday in Long Beach California. I wish you well.

J.C. and his son, Dex, were sitting in the VIP section, while his wife Donna and their daughter were in the upper section. This is the third time I’ve seen all of them here. J.C. brought his son down to the stage to get a picture with Jay. While they are waiting for J.C.’s (Hot Blonde) wife, and his daughter Brittney, who looks like Ariel from Disney’s "Little Mermaid", to join them for the picture, J.C. cracked a joke and made everyone laugh. Jay had a great time picking on Dex, and J.C.’s wife and daughter never made it to the stage for the picture. Oh, well, there’s always next time.

When Bob, the warm up comedian, came out, he asked J. C., "What happened to your wife? She didn’t want to sit with you?" The audience laughed again, and Bob took a guy from the front row and replaced him with Dex. So, when Jay came out to do his monologue, Dex ended up on national TV shaking Jay’s hand. What a day.


The first guest was the Academy award winning Denzel Washington. The first guest was the Academy award winning Denzel Washington. He was promoting his new movie "Déjà vu"… Got ya. I lost my voice screaming his name. Danny (a page) came over and said, "You know, he’s only a man." Has Danny bumped his head! De to the zel is not just a man! He is beautiful, including his large white Chiclet like teeth, and a little belly roll.

FUN FACT; I met Denzel at a boxing club, he was passing out Christmas presents to poor children, who had suprisingly well-dressed mothers, sisters and aunts. I don’t think he believed me when I told him my name was GloZell – That I had a Father named Ozell and a sister named DeOnZell. I can understand that.

Denzel talked about remembering the people who inspire you. Jay inspires me. I guess I should go back to the comedy clubs. I can’t be worst than Michael Richards.

Everyone, please forgive Michael Richards, he made us laugh on "Seinfeld" for years.

Catherine O’Hara talked about her new movie "For your Consideration". Jay always says something good about everyone’s movie. I’m not sure if he watches any of them. She had on the oddest combination. A black and yellow dress, with black fishnet stockings…Let’s work on that. She’s not that bad looking, but she was a little washed out. My suggestions are darker lipstick, a little more on the eyes, and never wear that dress again. Catherine talked about how her family all had lice. I bet her kids and husband are a little embarrassed, and no one shows up to their house for Thanksgiving. After the show we got a turkey baster with "For your Consideration" on it. Thanks.

Kid Rock is pointless with Jerry Lee Lewis, and without his wife, Pamela Anderson. Who thinks of these combos?

Mrs. Claire said, "I thought Jerry Lee was dead"? I said, "He might be". He was so old looking, and his hands were just shaking over the piano keys. Then he started to jam, he still has it! He just had to find it.

J.C. is a talented DJ and told me about a senior citizen lesbian party he just worked. I didn’t know what to say about that. I guess even senior lesbians have to party sometime. Hey, maybe in a few more years you can DJ for Ellen. They were kind enough to drive me back to my car, and gave me a T-shirt! What a great family.

Remember, A family that Jay’s together stays together…

Love Ya,