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Glo double G zil…

In the NBC lobby, Bernadette (a boss of the pages, the one with long thick pretty red hair, with some kind of accent, that she should have lost years ago. but somehow it is as thick as ever) told me that the military show went well. It was funny watching her and Tati (a page) stop traffic and direct a bus full of lost Navy people. Sometimes it takes a woman.

In the lobby I met Candy’s (a page) mother and auntie’s. You know Candy, she doesn’t talk that much, she is always changing her hair, and she is black! Why did you make me go there.

Candy lives with her Aunt Melanie who can throw down in the kitchen. This Thanksgiving, Auntie Melanie made collard greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and an edible but dry fried turkey.

Auntie Judi asked if the seats in the studio were fat people friendly, I told her yes. What was I supposed to say, sorry no seat for you? Mr. Beam sat them on the second row where everyone was comfortable. Go Mr. Beam! They got a picture with Jay, danced in their seats and had a great time.

Risa, Candy’s mother (who looks like her sister) and Auntie Judi flew in from Waukegan Illinois (30 miles from Chicago) to be with her for the holidays and are returning tomorrow. Have a safe trip, I will keep and eye on her, for you. Candy’s family is so proud of her. They strike me as praying women, please pray for me also. All my family is in Florida, it was nice pretending they were my aunts also.

I’m over trying to look somewhat cute. The studio is too cold and it’s freezing outside. I had on three shirts, a sweater; a jacket gloves and still was cold.

Keep up the good work Ricky! (Page who would look like a baby if he shaved off his beard) He loves his assignment; he gets to mingle with the guest back stage.
Felix’s (A groovy page)hair is getting long, I haven’t seen him in a long time.


Lucy Liu was pretty, and talked about breakfast, whoopee do. Lucy wore an all-back dress that had this criss-cross front that made her breast look lopsided.

Bob Saget. Can somebody please tell me how this man continues to get work on TV? Is it me or is this man not funny? If you think he is funny, I bet you think Tom Arnold is also. Hey have you ever change Bob Saget’s last name? Come on every one has done it once.

Snoop Dogg was the bomb di zil my Tonight Show pep iz ils. Mr. Doggy had everyone stand up and party for real zil. (I know I take things to far iz el)

The Tonight Show band is running out of songs. They did a remix of the Jefferson’s theme song. Kevin (the bandleader) please stop smoking the fresh tree zils.

After the show was over one the guys in Snoops posse’ was all hugged up on Lucy and got her digits. Lucy, invite me over for breakfast for sweet and sour hamhocks, or cornbread egg rolls. Once you go black… your dad is going to try to send you back.

Remember, dogs are people too… So, be nice to all god’s creatures…

Love ya,