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Glowie,Taxi, Katie, Kristy and Vicki…

For November 8th, 2006 – the server was down so I couldn’t post on time.

Happy birthday to my sister DeOnzell LaFran Green!

Candy (a page) has a new cute hairstyle.

The Show was one of the funniest ever. The tribute to the Fruitcake Lady was one of the funniest things ever.

Katie is back from celebrating her birthday in Florida, where she got reacquainted with her old boyfriend. Good old Katie, always looking hot. Today she was wearing a red sweater with black pants and heeled boots. It’s official Katie has been mentioned in my blog more than anyone. I have to start giving out awards.

Also, in the lobby is a girl who could learn a lot from Katie. She was wearing low rider jeans, with no behind. We all were forced to see the remnants of what appears to be drawers, every time she got up. Katie help her.

I met Mary C. from the company Proctor and Gamble, the group was doing a team building activity and decided to come to the Tonight Show. That’s better than those stupid name games I had to play at work. One lady in the group was from South America, and freaked when she saw the Cheetoes in the machine. She said they don’t sell them in her country. She also asked me where a Krispy Kream was, I told her and she was so happy. I will never look at Cheetoes the same. God Bless America - Land of the best junk food!

In the studio, thanks to Charlie Dan and Tati, I got very good seats today. I sat next to two very nice men. One was Ed Antonio from New York, who is a successful conductor and pianist. He has been happily married to an amazing woman for 10yrs. Ed said he enjoys New York. He gets more for his money as far as homes go.

The other young man was Casey Greer, who has been married to his beautiful wife for a year. Casey is a Music Supervisor and works with Ed Antonio on several of his compositions. They were both in town for the Taxi convention. Taxi is a large organization that deals with all aspects of music for film and television.

I’m blessed everyday to sit next to such great people.

Katie introduced me to her mother. Katie’s mother is beautiful and you can tell where Katie gets her gusto. Kristy (Katie’s mother) was determined to get a picture with Jay, so she just walked on stage. I like her style, if you want something go for it!
Jay was so wonderful, he had Katie come on stage and take the picture with them.

Police Officer C. came over to me and asked if I have ever danced to get a Tonight show T-shirt. I told him I have been to over 60 shows and not once have I been picked for a T-shirt. Officer C. told me next time he was here, he was going to choose me to go on stage and get a T-shirt. Finally someone to come to my aid.

One of the guests was Ellen DeGeneres, who was funny as always. (Fun Fact, I was on the Ellen show, 1st season on her12th day of Christmas show)

Fred Willard has been a guest on the tonight Show 80 times and they gave him a trophy that looked like Jay Leno. I want a trophy on my 80th show. Fred looked like an old school Pimp in his all purple suit with matching thick purple socks.

Tony Bennett sang a song he sang in 1962, on The Tonight Show, 10 years before I was born. What a great thing it is to come to the show and see all the greats.

Ms. Vicky (band member) let me play with her musical gourd during one of the breaks. I was so surprised! For some reason, I always thought maybe she didn’t like me. I’ve seen her mouth "…that girls keeps coming back everyday."

Vicky took a picture with Tony Bennett after the show; it’s nice to see celebrities become fans. (Plus, the man is 80yrs. old. She probably figured this might be her last time to get one)

One day Jay is going to have me travel to visit the people I have met at the Tonight Show in their hometown. That will be great.

My last blog may be on Dec. 29th, due to the fact the person who puts me on the guest list everyday is leaving NBC. Can anybody help a sister get connected on the list?

Remember; for every obstacle - there is a solution…

Love Ya,