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GloZell and Cirque Du Sol-Jay...

In the NBC Lobby was Michelle, her parents and friends. Michelle is a muscular and talented performer for Cirque Du Soleil. She was saying how tired the group was from partying and being up so late. John, the one who balances on one hand on the car has an hangover. Michelle’s are very close with her parents and has a little girl. Michelle’s mother thinks she is hot stuff. Her mother has had plastic surgery done to her face and chest. (Asian people don’t have large breasts, and she is a grandmother) her mother looked a little artificial with the clef chin and her lips bigger than mine, but she still looked good. Hey fight getting old all of the way.

My attention quickly turned to two ladies who could easy be actresses, or models, Brenda and Irina. I wasn’t surprised when Brenda kept saying how hungry she was, all models are hungry. She just stared at the vending machine, Irina was trying to read what was in the machine - but couldn’t read it, so I told her "It says rich and creamy cookies."

They had a British accent. It was light and pretty, so I knew they grew up around educated people. (I’ve performed in London England and froze my nickers off) Finally the hungry one Brenda found some money and bought chips for her, and a yogurt granola bar for Irina. Irina stated it’s strange how Americans eat their crisps. They were not only very beautiful and nice but geniuses. Brenda and Irina will be doctors in six weeks. They are finishing their residency program up at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

I also met Alexander Lee Rentovich - a car nut. He has eternal VIP tickets to "The Tonight Show" as long as Jay is hosting. In 1993 Mrs. Pauline Rentovich (Alex’s mother) sent for ticket to show two months before they were to go. Mr. and Mrs. Rentovich and their son arrived very early to get front row seats. They told all of their friends to watch because they were going to shake Jay’s hand and be on television.

They were not in the front row, and Mrs. Pauline was mad. So, when Jay came out she asked why? Jay told her that the front row people sent for tickets in advance. Mrs. Pauline politely pulled out her letter stating that she applied for tickets two months ago. She hit Jay with the envelope. Jay felt badly went to the Greenroom gave them a tray with all kinds of snacks and drinks, so they can enjoy the rest of the show. That’s a big deal because no one is allowed to eat in the studio.

This was the first year Alexander came by himself. His parents are too old to travel. He told me it feels strange being here without my folks; it’s like missing my right and left arm. What a story, and what a great memory to have.

In the studio, I sat next to the no longer hungry, Brenda and Irina. They didn’t seem to care who was on the program. I told them it’s going to be fun, just wait. I helped them get a picture with Jay and they laughed during the whole show. I felt great about that.

Two blonde sports models with the worst hair extensions I have ever seen in my life, took a picture with Jay. Jay had on my favorite tie, orange and blue. (Go Gators!)

Jamie Lee Pressly announced that she was four months pregnant. (She was showing pretty good, that’s going to be a big baby boy)

Bear Grylls the "Adventurer" was so good looking until he showed how to survive the jungle by drinking the liquid from elephant droppings.

Cirque Du Soleil did a piece from their show "The Beatles, Love". The white guys were dressed like they were in the 70’s and the black guys were dressed like they belong in one of Mark Twain’s books. They didn’t even have a shirt! Who dressed that show Buckwheat? Oh, tay Jay! Black people had clothes in the 70’s

Remember, love is all you need...

Love ya,