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GloZell and Delicious Love...

In the ice-cold studio of The Tonight Show, I sat next to a great couple. They are visiting from Rochester, Michigan (Near Detroit) and are going to see The Reagan Museum tomorrow. They want to see Air Force one. John and Jill Putnam (how cute). Jill is a head honcho at Buick and her company built one of Jay’s "One of a kind sports cars". John works for GM (I don’t think that’s the same company, I don’t know a thing about cars.)

They have been married for six happy years. (That’s three years better than me, you go J&J.) John grew up in Mississippi, and we chatted about getting in trouble in the south. How our grandmas would ask us to go and get a switch off the tree, and if you got a small one, she would pull down the tree and beat you with that. We came to the conclusion that we have the same Grandma.

John did well for himself. His wife is pretty, successful and had a large diamond on. Jill had a very pretty wedding set on. (The nail on her right thumb was chipped. Girlfriend, if you’re going to wear that kind of ice, on your hand, you got to get that fixed.)

Jill has a great personality. She told me I could call her, Delicious (Jill is going to kill me for telling you that.) John said, that would make him Flavor Flave… I meet all types at the show.

John loves television, and he named their Golden Retriever, Frasier Crane Putnam. I love that. But I don’t think I could name my dog Jay Leno.

I told them which girls the crew was going to pick out to dance, in order to get a Tonight Show T-shirt. (I have been to over 60 shows and have never been picked to get a T-shirt.) They pick young, bouncy blondes, one old guy and lady - and one random person. It’s still funny watching them dance. I refuse to buy a T-shirt, when the Anderson, Hilton, Smiths, hop their happy behinds on the stage and get one for free. GloZell shall over come! Why not? I am a Negro spiritual… I have a dream that I will be in the front of the T-shirt line. (I know you security guards read this…)

Jill leaned over to me, and said, "You’re right, they picked every girl you said".

Next to us was an old guy with a hot young blonde, and of course just like I said, she was picked. Her sugar daddy was so proud.

The audience was small but lively, not all of the seat was filled.

Courtney Love was very entertaining. You could tell she has been on some strong drugs for a long time. Courtney Love swears she is off of them now. When you hear her story of how she was a prostitute in Japan and the age of 13, and how she just doesn’t want to deal with the pain of her past, I realized she’s not crazy… Well, I understand how she came to be that way, I will look at her like the human she is, and how good she has done for herself though it all. We all have a cross to bear.

Brad Garrett, the 6ft.8 1/2 actor from the show" Everybody loves Raymond", was so funny. I didn’t know that he was a comedian. He kept everyone laughing including the cameramen. Brad included Courtney in his conversation and he was a hit. His new show "Till Death" might not make it, but he will. Did you know, Brad is Jewish and not Italian? Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jewish people can be that tall.

The band OK GO was energetic and a very talented band, and I love their video.

The Putnam’s told me if I was ever in their neck of the woods, doing comedy, or something, to let them know.

I think Jay should send me to visit with the people I have met at his show in their hometown.

On my way out, I ran into the person who gets me on the guest list everyday. I was informed that her job would be over Dec. 29th. (NBC is laying off 700 people)
And sadly, my rein as Jay’s number one fan will be over. I have enjoyed my moment in time.

Remember, Love that is not madness is not love…

Love ya,