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GloZell and Green Kevin…

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I missed ya!

Ben (a page) threw an awesome Thanksgiving party for the pages and most of them got a little tipsy. Party on pages. Hey Teddy thanks for making great Pennsylvania stuffing.

Kate (the spunky cute page) and Kimber (the hot blonde page) are moving into a sweet two bedroom house in Hollywood Hills… yes, Hollywood Hills! Get this, because they are two young, pretty single ladies; the guy knocked off 650 dollars off their rent.

Someone removed all of the handicap parking signs along the fence at the NBC, how strange.

My boyfriend Richard and I enjoyed the show today. We sat next to a guy who gave me a headache because he smelled like he poured nicotine all over himself. Someone could do a "Truth" commercial on him alone.

A black girl with blonde braids was picked to dance and get a T-shirt. Hey, Tonight Show people if you want to pick a Negro, Colored, Black, Afro- American, African American or whatever we call ourselves this year… pick me! Michael Richards would have.

Vicky (female band member) wore her peach colored top that shows her underarm sweat. She is so talented. Do you know how hard it is to sweat when the temperature is below freezing! Vicky works the hardest.

Cameron Diaz is a brunette now. I’m not sure I like it better, than her (self-proclaimed) natural blonde hair. Poor Justin his curtains don’t match his carpet. (Was that bad?) With her heels, Cameron Diaz is taller than Jay, but the way the camera was angled it looked like Jay was taller… the camera is a lie.

Gwyn Mackenzie is an eight-year-old Opera Singer. I was so surprised when she walked out and was black. Her mother is Black and her father is half White and Asian. This girl has a great soprano voice and received a standing ovation for her accopella solo in German. I hope Michael Richards was watching because Kevin (The bandleader) was not. I guess Opera is not his thing, because Kevin fell asleep during the little girls solo, hugging his guitar. I think Kevin might have been effected by some fresh greenery.

The Weckers song was fine. I guess country music means that you are from a different country because they looked like they could have been from anywhere except Tennessee or Texas. I’m going to come out with a country album. I will call it "Okay, Jay hire may".

I guess it’s time for me to get to know the new pages. None of the seem to stand out like the older one’s. Maybe ,they have been warned or something.

Remember, Success can come too early but never too late…

Love ya,