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GloZell Is Mad At Jay, But Shirley Is Not…

In the NBC lobby a bag of chips are stuck in the vending machine.

Charlie Dan with his need for Ho Ho’s hopes that his ho’s will knock the chips down and he will be up by one. But the Ho Ho’s fell, and the chips are stayed stuck… Sorry Charlie.

In the line, I tell, the page, Irish Beck, congratulations on her successful interview, dealing with her music.

A young lady bought Cheetoes, that knocked the chips, and she got two. I told her congratulations.

My friend Shirley from my church (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) is here. ready to have fun at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Tim Allen also goes to our church.

Jay forgot my picture! I asked him on Wednesday if I could take a picture because I knew Shirley was coming. He said yes, and then he forgot!

I was so mad. I should have asked Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" to remind Jay about my picture.

Jay and the staff are so nice. Who do I think I am to be mad at him? I guess for a moment I thought was special, I got a dose of reality today.

I could be wasting my time by coming to show everyday, but wouldn’t it be cool if something great happened for me by coming to see such a great person as Jay everyday. That’s the problem with a dreamer you have to know when to wake up.

I also sat next to Minister Chuck Henson, one of the ministers from First Baptist church of Farmington, Missouri. Minister Chuck told the congregation to watch the show tonight, because they might be able to see him and his wife in the audience. They wore bright red, the color of their favorite baseball team.

Minister Chuck quickly became embarrassed, when Jay ended up making so many jokes about that Baptist minister from Colorado Springs. That Minister had to resign from the largest evangelical ministry foundation, because he allegedly payed a male prostitute for favors, over the course of a few years. Minister Chuck kept saying, " I told the entire church to watch… Of all the days to come to the Tonight Show".

I started to feel better. I only messed up with one person from my church He had his whole congregation watching. Still, Shirley and I had a great time. She is so much fun. We danced during every break. Shirley works for Universal and will be leaving to work for theWB. She feared that her job is one of the 700 layoffs that will be happening this year at NBC/Universal, so she found another one. She is going to try to come back to the Tonight Show one more time before she changes over. The next time we will get a picture with Jay. Ether way I know we will have a good time.

The guests were Russell Crowe with his hot Aussie accent, Rachael Ray, who didn’t give the audience a cookbook, and cute musical guest, Kellie Pickler, who had on the sexiest blue dress and red high heels .

Remember, you can’t stay mad at someone who was going to do you a favor. Their heart is in the right place… Though their memory isn’t always…

Love ya,