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GloZell still believes…

Today, I was passing out flyers for the salon and Spa, "Heavenly Beauty Corner" on west Magnolia along with my Russian co-worker Desiree. We arrived at a clock shop and there is this old man with white hair and a white beard who walked in before us. He was quite concerned that he get his old wooden clock fixed. The old guy told the guy behind the counter "Remember me, I’ve been here before". The guy behind the counter said " Oh yes, last year this time". I turned to Desiree and tell her that I think that’s Santa Clause. Desiree said" GloZell be quiet" but I couldn’t, for some reason I kept saying it. We go outside and there is a red station wagon. We both stop and looked at each other. Right then, the old guy walks to the back of the red station wagon. I said, "Sir are you Santa Clause? He turned and said "Why yes I am, just look at my license plate. We looked and it said Santa Clause. We both turn to him and he gave us a hearty Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho. If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. That started my great day.

Hey, yesterday after Snoop Dogg performed on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" he was arrested for possession of Coke and a smile. But not before taking a sweet picture with two of the coolest hottest male pages Zoo and Charlie Dan. Great going pups.

In the lobby was the largest boobs to grace the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I knew she was going to get picked to win "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" T-shirt. I don’t think she’d be able to fit in it, but, she’ll win one. She was with her brother, who had Autism. (Hot water, burn baby… from one of my favorite movie’s "Rain Man ")

In the studio I sat next to two freezing ladies. They had just got in this morning from out of state and had their jackets and gloves. They are training in California to give tests in schools. I answered their "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" questions and we had a great time.

Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" was flirting with the big breasted girl, who happen to have a poster of herself in hardly nothing and her purse with her picture on it. Hey big boobie lady, you would have gotten more attention from Jay with a poster of a hot car.

Today was Katie’s (The spunky cool petite Page) last day. She danced and sang during the whole show. Hey Katie, I wish you well on your new W.B. job making 45 thousand to start, plus benefits and bonuses that puts you over the 50 thousand mark a year (Don’t hate - congratulate). Katie believes in herself. If Katie can do it, you can too.

Al Gore was humorous, informative and fat. He has gained so much weight. I looked on the screen and because his jacket covered his bulging gut, he didn’t appear to look as big as he was. He didn’t look that comfortable in the seat and was wearing cowboy boots. Can’t wait to see what he wears to the Oscars. Al Gore had only one little security guard, which stood way on the other side of the studio. Al is still cool to me. I voted for him and he won! Did I mention I’m from Florida, and my vote got pregnant or something so it didn’t count.

Karolin Kurkova from Victoria’s Secret had on a bra covered in real diamonds. Every time she moved most of the guys in the audience moved trying to look up her dress. Jay flirted with her in a funny way, while the cameras was on, but didn’t talk to her during the break too much. Jay likes dark hair women, except Sharon Stone. Karolina has two huge bald security guards. (I know, run on sentences, I have to do this fast because my boyfriend is taking me out)

Fantasia was the musical guest. If I had my eyes closed. I would have thought I was at First African A.M.E. church. She has this " Im getting ready to shout" kind of voice. God bless her when she won American Idol, she couldn’t even read and she has a child. Fantasia believed in herself. That’s no excuse for what she was wearing and Fan you have money now, buy some hair.

Fantasia and Karolina both had on different versions of a brown sack.

One of the corespondents (The job I claim, in the name of Jesus) named Brian Herzlinger just showed up at people’s doors and put them on the Tonight Show. One guy showed Brian a movie he was in named "Kill Jane Doe". The guy was in the audience today with the producer of his movie, Thomas Fahrner, and Jay gave him a awesome shout out on national TV. His producer Thomas asked me how I get on the list everyday and who get to sit on the front row. I told him, if he came to the show with some hot girls with big breast, front row city. If you are interested in knowing more about the movie please go to www.KillJaneDoeTheMovie.Com. That’s produced by Fahrner Entertainment.

Remember, If you can believe it, then you can achieve it.

Love ya,