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GloZell Wonders If Their Is Hope For Bob?…

In the NBC lobby Irish Beck (A page) was getting ready for her musical adventure that is to take place tomorrow at 11:oo am, I wish you well.

Naomi (another page) introduced me to her mother, Aunt and friends. It was good to see Naomi having a good time. She has had a hard time lately, so it was great seeing her with a big smile. Naomi is one of the sweetest people one could ever meet.

Her mother and Aunt are from Las Vegas, by way of Iran. They looked like twins. They even dressed alike.

Naomi’s family got a chance to take a picture with Jay, and were so happy. Naomi’s aunt thinks Jay Leno is hot… She has great taste in men.

I was sitting on the back row with Naomi’s friends. The guy works at Bubba Gump shrimp restaurant at Santa Monica Beach. If you ever go there just ask for medium Andy (They have three). I was thinking to myself, I have never sat in the back before, but that’s ok. I have had so many great seats in the past. Thank you, NBC angel because all of a sudden Irish Beck moved us to better seats.

I got a chance to ask Jay if I could take a picture with him on Friday? He said, yes. Everyone around me was confused, until Jay announced that I come to the shows everyday. (It’s so nice he notices.)

That’s when Sherri asked me if I came to the Tonight Show everyday? I said yes, and told them about my blog. (I really have to get cards) Sherri is visiting from Louisiana, to see her daughter, Chelsea. She had just moved here to Los Angeles pursue business, and acting at LMU.

Chelsea is a big fan of the musical guest, Regina Spektor. Regina was interesting, unique and reminded me of Alanis Morissete, during her "Jagged Little Pill" days.

Bob, the mean comedian, who makes one thousand dollars a day and only has to "work" fifteen minutes a day, was off the hook, mean, today.

Somehow, a young overweight boy was picked to dance for a T-shirt, Bob told him to get off the stage and go sit back down, we don’t need you. The audience booed Bob, and he let the young guy dance. Also, a lady with a large nose was picked to dance. She had already been through the huddle, had been approved by one of the security guards, was already on the stage, and Bob wouldn’t use her... He even told a security guard to get her off the stage. How mean can you be? She didn’t know why she didn’t get a chance to dance. I was so embarrassed for her. Bob needs Jesus! I’m going to pray for his deliverance. The only reason he has the job is because Jay and Bob went to college together and Jay is too nice of a guy to fire him.

Remember, God don’t like ugly and neither does Bob... But God would still give them a Tonight Show T-shirt… I should get Bob a mirror for Christmas.

Love ya,