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GloZell, You can’t handle the cold…

Happy Thanksgiving Day, or as the Indians call it, You’re Welcome Day !

Their was a slight chance of getting into the military show. As I waited and froze outside. This guy named Steve from Dallas told me of his adventures at the Music Award Show he attended the night before. Steve was so funny. He cracked me up talking about his bitter, obese co-worker who recently went bankrupt this year. Steve is very proud of his Ford F2 50 with the Super Crew Cab.(His mother in Florida worries about all the driving he does) He is a wonderful and nice person and makes good money as a computer guy who travels. Unfortunately, his job will be coming to an end next year. Steve might move to California. Ladies he’s single and knows how to enjoy life.

We waited for three hours in the cold, but I had a good time. Go Steve!

Kate (a page) got one of the Marines in trouble by telling him he was a trouble starter. He wanted a different seat. His superior over heard her and took the man in the back and yelled at him. What are we going to do with her…nothing, her last day is next Wednesday, she will be working for WB making 45 thousand a yr. Go Kate!

Mr. Beam and Ms. Burnadet (The people in charge of the pages) had a great time playing, keep the military inside where they can’t smoke.

Well my good readers I’ll be back on Monday. I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents. Ah the plot to wed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is on it’s way. Richard’s mother is Bulgarian, and is making her famous cottage cheese casserole… Mmm… I will never complain about the time my cousin made Christmas dinner that was served on Triskets ever again.

I thank God for my life, health, strength, family (including Richard),church, new job, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, all who work for the show, and the wonderful people I meet there everyday.

Remember, Everyday is a day of thanksgiving… So act like it...

Love ya,