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GloZell’s, Grey Day…

I was running late, and ended up being last in the guest list line, I’m usually first. All of the pages, the security guards all mentioned that I was late. It was nice that everyone noticed. I love the "Tonight Show" and every one who works for the show.

During one of the breaks the announcer, John M. walks over to me and says "You come here all the time".


Ross the intern (who was never an intern at NBC) is fairy funny and I’m looking forward to working with him on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Julia Scardina with Sea World Animals. I have been to Sea World in Florida. In California the animals seemed strange for the sea. Julia had Bears, Lynxes, a Zebra, Camel, Warthog, and Sting Rays. When the sting rays came out the lady behind me said "That’s what killed the Crocodile Hunter". I guess she was saying that for the folks who have been living under a rock the last year. One of the Lynx scratched Jay three times and drew blood.

The stage hand didn’t get to the stage on time to put the guest water on stage. The first guest didn’t have a coffee cup before the first break.

Ellen Pompeo (from Grey’s Anatomy) who was wearing a black pillow case baggy short dress thing, with black tights, black shoes talking about her black fiancé. That is black power. Her mother must have been watching the show because she goes on and on about how her and her fiancé’ were just friends. Jay totally busted her when she bragged about him making her breakfast, after leaving 15 dozen white roses in her room the night before. Jay stated how nice of him to drive back the next morning to make breakfast for her.

Nelly Furtado was beautiful and interesting. I enjoyed her male urban Vogue dancers dancing to her Cameo sounding song.

Remember, it’s better to show up late, than to not show up at all…

Love Ya,