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GloZell’s Oscar Speech (Special Saturday Edition)…

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My mother, Gloria R. Green, who is always happy to hear my voice, worries all the time for me, who supports my zany ideals and gives me money.(Many people say they wish you well, but when people give you money, they really believe in you and I thank God everyday for her).

My father the Late Dr. Ozell Green who use to drive me to so many auditions. Who got a chance to see me do what I want to do. (Make people laugh through clean comedy). Who provided me with stories that will out last time. Who was a great provider, and proud man. Who never acted like, or believed he was handicapped in any way. Who caused me to be the strong, stubborn person I am.

My sister DeOnzell Green, who sings like an angel. Even though we were never really close growing up, she is, and will always be my only sister. I do believe she understands and tolerates me more, now that she has grown up. (I might not ever grow up) I have never told her that I love her, and she has never told me, but I do, but we seem to have an understanding.

My boyfriend Richard, who never said it was stupid to go to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, everyday. Listens to me talk about the show, everyday. He helps me with my blog, everyday. He thinks I’m beautiful. Thank you Richard. You share everything with me including your friends. You are a gift from God.

Al Lewis, who helped me get my first teaching job in California and other jobs.

Luis Oliart, who plays the guitar like no other and graciously allows me to play with him.

Diane O’Brian, who proves everyday you can be kind to people, and raise great children in California... When I had nowhere to go for the holidays, you always included me with your wonderful family. The food was always great.

D. Jenkins, who put me on the list everyday to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Mrs. Sherri Izzard, who is musical inspiration. I learn so much just being around her.

The Advent Theatre, for casting me in my first play here in California which allowed me to meet Richard. (Though I didn't think he was that nice at the time... He got better.)

My whole Church family at First Christian Church of North Hollywood, for helping me develop my talents.

Mr. Jay Leno, for proving you can be a great, and decent person, and still make it to the top. And for not having me kicked out of the studio, after sixty shows...

Oprah, for being a strong woman who gives back.

Mr. Beam, and all the nice pages at NBC, and Andrew, AKA "The hair" the on stage security guard at The Tonight Show for their kindness.

All the wonderful people in the audience, who I have met at the show, and who have shared their stories, prayed for me, read my blog and left comments.

David Kaufman, who featured me on his hit song "COMMA".

Nancy Lynxwiler, (I know I spelled it wrong… sorry,) for keeping in touch and listening to all my wild stories in L.A.

My Mother Dear, Jessie Green (My father’s mother) who keeps looking for me on T.V. - Such pressure, but she believes I will be on it one day.)

My Auntie Mary Elliot, who when ever we need her, she is always there. (She makes a great mexican meat pie)

Ms. J. Saunders, who always knows where there’s a good sale, and was my fathers friend. He would always talk about your good cooking at Jones High School. Also, your daughter who keeps everyone in the loop, and always provides great tickets to all the society events.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter, who through music, fried fish, the best hush puppies, and all the fixins. Always makes me feel great. You are my friends and family. Thank you all for being good company for my mom, while my journey keeps me in L.A.

Ms. Naomi Bell, one of the friendly faces at the Mount Olive AME. So many things have changed; it’s nice to know you haven’t. I feel the same for Mr. C. Ryam the other Green’s Mary Smith, and Hazel Williams.

Ms. Bangs, who every year types out my speech, so the children ot Tangelo Park Elementary School can learn it.

All my family: The Robinsons, Hall’s, Green’s, Lester’s, Lewis’s, and Floyd’s.

The University of Florida (go Gators!) Luther High , and Trinity Lutheren Elemetary School.

Delta Sigma Theata Sorority.


Dolly Parton

The cast of the Soap opera, Passions and Days of Our Lives.

Mount Olive AME. Church Orlando Fla.
St. Mark AME, Orlando Fla.
Mt. Avery Missionary Baptist Church, Orlando Fla.
First Christian Church of North Hollywood
Anyone who has read all of this.

I do realize that the music will start way before I finish my speech. Everyone should have an Oscar speech just in case.

Remember, you can create you own Oscar moments.

Love ya,