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GloZell’s reaching for Moore…

Congratulations to Katie (An incredible page) who got a very high paying job at "The WB", with awesome benefits. You will be missed. Take care don’t spend all that money in one place. Katie’s last day is next Wednesday.

In the NBC lobby I hear that Charlie Dan (The mysterious page) is the ultra winner of Uno amongst all NBC pages.

A guy asked me to find out what time is the 2:00 tour? We get all types at NBC.

Hal Sparks was on the guest list and was chilling in the lobby. I got a picture with him. (You can touch me). I like most TV stars.

Bob the warm up comedian tripped while he was picking at a couple in the audience.
(Okay, I’m reaching; it was a regular day. I have to write something.)

Five blonde Biology teachers sat in the front row, and laughed so hard when Jay said turducken. It’s a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey.


Demi Moore was flawless. Her skin looks great. She talked about how well her ex, Bruce, and her present husband, Ashton, gets along. Her dress was short, and she kept trying to pull it down. Did she not know it was short when she bought it? (Still reaching.)

Ron Livingston was handsome, that’s about it.

Chris Cornell (The musical guest) has nice blue eyes, and die-hard fans. (Ha, I said die hard…remember Bruce Willis was in…oh, forget it)

Remember, don’t count your turkeys before they hatch… still reaching...

Love Ya,