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GloZell's strange day with Jay...

In the NBC lobby, Kate (a page) told me my lips looked good. (New lipstick… yea for me.) I was going to tell her that I could see her blue bra with white flowers through her white shirt, but after her comment, it was to Brokeback for me.

I start work on Tuesday at a spa in Burbank. I am reminded of that old Negro spiritual. "Paid at last paid, paid at last. Thank God almighty I’m paid at last!"

It’s a strange day.

I have a folding chair that a security guard named Toni left for me! To use when I wait outside before going to the studio. Two hot blondes that I recognize from the day when there were several Playboy models in the audience. They looked like a mother daughter team. The mother is prettier. (Why do I sidetrack?) I overhear them say that they hope they get seats in the front like last time because they are blonde and sexy, then they giggled. (It took my all, not to upchuck) To top it all off, the daughter was in my seat. The nerve.

FUN FACT: My boyfriend worked for Playboy for over seven years. He wrote three movies for them and they bought all three. (Don’t tell my mother.)

In the studio, I looked across the room and saw a security guard I have never seen before. I could tell he had the worst toupee ever. Does this guy think he is Andrew? The on stage security guard AKA "The Hair". I think not buster.

The toupee guard comes closer and I realize that it’s not a toupee and it’s a woman. I just have one word… earrings.

Then I see the blondes back in the same seats as before… How nice.

When I sat down, A.J. asks," Do you work here?" I said what makes you think that? He said you look like a person of authority. Then he asked if I was a comedian studying the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in order to understand the comings and goings of a talk show with hopes of having my own? A.J. was like a double nort seven (007). I told him this was the first time someone ever interviewed me here.

Jay comes out and instead of the usual picture taking, the audience asked strange questions? Like Jay, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? He said "Eating turkey". Jay is that really coffee in your coffee cup? Jay said, "No it’s crack". Jay were you invited to TomKat’s wedding? No, I hate to go to weddings. (He is going to have to go to mine because I’m going to get married on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", my boyfriend better read this! He’s got till 2009)

Kate says to me, this audience is asking the strangest questions, and I agreed. (I bet you don’t care, you're probably stuck on the Playboy stuff, huh?)

When Bob the warm up comedian comes out, a lady tells him he smells good. Another lady runs down to the stage, kneels and begs for a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" gift. I think Bellevue is empty today.


Kate Winslet was very beautiful and has a Jaguar and a horse named after her.

If I say Johnson’s Diner on television, I get something named after me. How does GloZell’s Collard Greens sound? Or GloZell’s Green salad.

Wilmer Valderrama was cute and told how he went from eating dinner every other day to buying his parents a house. The American dream.

The musical guest was Buddy Guy, a blues singer. Kevin (The bandleader) was in awe of him. Before Buddy’s performance Kevin walked across the stage and sat on a stool and watched him play. I keep picturing Kevin, as a child, listening to all of the great musicians, dreaming of the day when he’s considered a great. Kevin hugged Buddy after the show. Buddy’s drummer looked like Ruben Studdard from American Idol.

When everyone was leaving, Bob, the warm up comedian, was talking to the mother, daughter team. (I am so surprised! Hey, Bob, try looking into their eyes, once in awhile.)

I was waiting for the light to change, in order to leave the NBC lot. I was jamming to my gospel music. Cars were blowing at me, I was thinking these people are nuts, I’m not going to run a red light. Cars started to go around me. I’m just singing along. Finally Mr. Beam (the head man over the NBC pages) came over to my car and said, "GloZell the light is broken, you are going to have to run it". I felt so stupid I had been sitting there for seven minutes. Thanks Mr. Beam.

It truly was a strange day.

Remember, People are strange… When you're a stranger...

Love ya,