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IL GloZell and the Boys…

In the lobby of NBC, I met Mandy, Martha, Marlene and Kathleen from Rothwalk, Riverside area of California. They were going to see "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Their beautiful mother recently passed away. When Mandy comes home from work Ellen is on, and makes her feel better. Mandy enjoys the close relationship Ellen has with her mother. One day she decided to put on shorts and a tank top without undergarments, and dance with Ellen when she came on. Mandy’s heart started pounding too fast and she felt like she was having a heart attack. Mandy called 911 and her house was filled with Firemen and the Police. She went to the hospital and they asked her "What was she doing before she fell ill?" she told them, I was dancing with Ellen. Martha got Ellen tickets for her family. Mandy and her family said they want to go to the Tonight show with me, one day soon.

There’s a guy applying to work for NBC who looks like a child molester. He had that glass eyed look, and probably had a Barbie in his bag.

Then I met Bo Rothschild a Taiko Drummer, whose brother is hair stylist to the stars, on sunset at the Alex Roldan Salon. Bo’s son plays guitar for Sarah Mclachlan, and her other son raps. She was accompanying her neighbor Lalli Locke, a Diplomatic Interpreter from Kenya, who speaks seven languages and has poor eyesight.

They have had the worst of fortune. Lalli was driving and got stuck, because it started to rain and she couldn’t see. Their flight was delayed, and the hotel was booked for the wrong day. So, they were in the NBC lobby with luggage. Bo told me of her many homes and success. Lalli Lock was thankful that I was willing to lock their bags in my car until after the Tonight Show. She also wanted to know if her hair was too poofy. Right when I was headed out to my car with one of the bags, Mr. Beam said that NBC security would look after it. Thank you Mr. Beam! I even called my boyfriend and asked him if they could stay at his place. He said "GloZell I don’t care to have strangers in my home, when I’m not going to be there"… I can get carried away.

An international clogger got a chance to dance and get a "Tonight Show T-shirt" (Of course, she was blonde)

During one of the breaks, Ms. Vicky was playing the gourd, and asked one of the audience members to play it, and the lady fell. Vicky felt badly. (The lady was okay, and I laughed.)

The guest were Rachel Weisz, who was nice. Nick Cannon was cute (I use to see him all the time at the comedy clubs doing stand up, he was good.)

IL Divo, was IL deliciouso, they were good looking and sounded amazing. They were hot - even the one with the Superman curl. And if you listen closely tonight, it sounds like they’re singing "GloZell… GloZell…"

"Does this impress Ed Asner" was interesting, a lady folded herself into a dishwasher. She impressed him.

Remember; Mother was right, always wear clean underwear…

Love ya,