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Is Jay bored GloZell?…

Thanks for the VIP yellow ticket yesterday Mr. Beam.

If anyone knows how I can continue to be on the guest list starting Jan. 2007 please, please let me know. (I wont tell.) I lost a job because of the tonight Show with Jay Leno. I would like to at least make it to 100 shows.

Naz walked us over today. It’s so cute how she says darling, or baby to everyone. She is cool. When I first met her, I thought she was lazy but she doesn’t seem so now. Congrats on your first three weeks.

The regular female security guard wasn’t at work today. This was the first time since I’ve been going to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that she wasn’t there. The new guy did it all wrong. Even though she never smiles or hardly speaks, she looks like she’s very tough. She is a part of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" experience. She’d better be back looking mean tomorrow.

I sat next to Mary Joe and her teenage son and daughter from who is on a work vacation from Michigan. Mary Joe has a great energy and laughed during the whole show. Mary Joe was at last Tuesdays taping, and didn’t like Cameron Diaz’s dark hair. Mary also told me that she thinks that Jay has checked out. Like maybe, he is bored to death. During the breaks, Jay seems unaware of his surroundings, and when the cameras on, he snaps back.

I have been going to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" since July and I can recite his warm up monologue along with him. I‘ve heard most of the band’s songs. I wonder if Jay is bored, he has been doing this for like twenty years. Sixteen million dollars a year… I would figure out a way to be unbored. The warm up comedian makes a thousand a day; you would think he would have pity on me and give me a T-shirt.


Morgan Freeman, was born in Mississippi I bet his last named came from his people proud to be a free man. I love and resect him. He kind of reminds me of my grand father except for the earrings. He wears one in each ear. He speaks so slowly I wanted to speed up, everything he said. Morgan must read faster than he talks. I guess that’s why he narrates everything. He gave some good advice and was shocked when Jay played Morgan’s first commercial. Two black guys up a pole talking about fresh breath.

Josh Duhamel was hot as H E double hockey sticks. He is dating Fergie from the musical group Black Eye Peas. One time she was so out of it, before a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" taping. The show almost cancelled their appearance.

Barenaked Ladies is a cool band, and I always enjoy them. I wonder how they got their name? Josh Duhamel wasn’t listening to the band, he was talking to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" announcer, formally known as stuttering John.

Remember, the same people you meet going up the ladder, are the same people you meet going down…

Love ya,