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Oh Lord, GloZell, is Jay going to stay?...

In the NBC lobby, Ben (a page) is rocking the vending machine because his M&M’s are stuck. Ben asks for help but no one moves. Then he bumps it again and down comes his peanut M&M’s and he says "sweet victory!" The lobby cheered.

When Mr. Beam (The MAN of the pages) was making his announcement for everyone to line up, I got a dime from under the machine. (It might be Ben’s)

Danny walked us over today. I found him friendlier than I thought he was. I use to think he was a snob. Danny was very cool today.

Thanks to Lil Kimber, (a page) who gave me great seats today!

It seems like Ricky is doing well on his assignment; I hope he gets a great job after his year is up as a page.

I wonder what Jay is going to do when his contract is up? I’ve been hearing so many things. The latest is that Conan is going to take over the Tonight Show and if NBC breaks the contract, they will have to give him 40 million dollars. That’s crazy! NBC doesn’t have that kind of money to break contracts. Jay only makes 15 million a year.

A little birdie told me that Jay loves what he does and plans on going to another net work, when his time is up. Am I dedicated to the Jay Leno or NBC? Why we all just can’t get along? It would be funny if Jay stays in California, and I follow him wherever he goes. Ok, that’s a little much. I might retire from the Tonight Show after my 100th show or when Jay retires. I don’t know. If nothing comes from what I’m doing, then I’ve wasted my time. If something comes from it, like a job, then it was worth it and the people who think I’m crazy will think I’m a genius. Only time will tell.

In the studio, I ended up sitting next to ministers from Texas. Praise the Lord! They were cool. They were from Wylie’s First Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas. They minister to students. Minister Derek Draper is a big Tonight Show fan, and was asking me questions during the beaks. It was fun putting all my Tonight Show knowledge to the test. I told the truth…WY lie…ha ha ha.

On my other side, were Tony’s father, (Tony, the security guard) and his friend Tom. Tom asked questions about what I was writing, and how do I get in everyday. You know the usual. Tony’s father was pretty quiet, until Bob the comedian came out. T’s father said hey that’s my friend. I was shocked, I said are you taking about Bob? He said yes and that Bob is a very nice fellow. That’s the first time I’ve heard that. It was good to hear something good about Bob. Let’s give Bob another chance to be a nice guy.

On the show, Penelope Cruz was cute but I thought her dress was too tight. (None of the men seemed to notice) I also noticed that her right shoulder was lower than her left. Being a Master Massage Therapist, I know I can fix her.

John Stamos was cute.

Weird Al Yankovic was great! He sung his hit " White and Nerdy". I sang along with him. (Yes I know the words, my boyfriend has the album… and yes, my boyfriend is both white, and nerdy)

Remember, the truth shall set you free! Wy.. lie. (I know, I should have stopped after the first time. I’m just too black and ghetto.)

Love ya,