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Glo is tuff with Afro-puff…

Oh, mighty and powerful guest list lord, grant me one wish. To be on the guest list starting in Jan. Please!!!

I guess you can tell I’m happy to be nappy. I can’t afford weaves right now and I am forced to be myself. I feel like Miss Celie from the "Color Purple". Gary the hair stylist for "Days of our Lives" said, he liked my naps.

Guess, which page recently, met his biological father for the first time. This page is very nice, has a great smile and a slightly dry scalp? Get to know your co-workers, I do.

Why is it so cotton picking cold in the studio? I feel like Morgan Freeman should be narrating every time I walk in there.

Have you every noticed that when Jerry (The Keyboard player) gets into playing a song he sticks out his tongue, it’s kind of gross.


The Jib Jab cartoon was interesting, it made fun of the world events of 2006 using innocent children.

Jamie Foxx is a smooth and talented brother. (And so are you Kevin) Jamie’s birthday is tomorrow and will be turning 39. He has one beautiful bi-racial daughter. In his household, he takes care of his two sisters and their father. His younger sister has won several metals in the Special Olympics. Erick (Jamie’s real first name) is a great guy and gives great gifts to all of his friends. (Like cars) Jamie makes a perfect omelet His door is never locked and he throws a great holiday party. This year it will be on Dec 26.

Bizarre Christmas Musicians, was interesting. How do people come up with these ideals? And how do they get booked on the show?

Brad Paisley was the musical guest. It would have been better if Jamie sang.

Remember, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family or co-workers…

Love Ya,