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Glowie and Vicky… Girls in Da Hood…

If anyone knows anyone who can put me on the guest list starting in Jan. 07, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, GloZell Green.

Jay Leno parked across the street from my job last Satuday. Jay was buying something from Autobooks-Areobooks, 3524 W. Magnolia. I didn’t run up to him because I didn’t want him to think I am following him. I work at 3505 W. Magnolia at Heavenly beauty Corner Salon and Spa. I was fired from the last spa because I would go to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" everyday. From the window I could see that Jay was very nice, People were gathered around his funny looking car. Jay showed everyone the engine and took some pictures before he drove off.

The sweetest, (so he thinks he can dance page) Derrick is leaving in two weeks. He’s got an awesome job at NBC so he is leaving "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Christian or Larry will be in the running for his assignment. You will be missed. Can we please see you without your beard just once before you go?

In the studio, I sat next to some crazy cool people. Duncan Black, his beautiful girlfriend Allison, and her parents Jeff and Barbara from Texas. Duncan’s father is named Walter Black and he has a black friend named Walter White. They hang out and love explaining their names. (Martin Luther King would be so proud) Duncan is a successful businessman. he is the owner of Blackgeye New Media Group. For more info goto

Allison’s father Jeff was picked to dance, and he can get down.

Vicky (The female band member) was sick. And since it’s freezing, she decided not to comb her hair and wear a hood. I supported Ms. Vicky by wearing my hood during the musical breaks. Get well soon Vic. Michael, the Long haired Stage manager, please get some Airborne, because he coughed during an interview. Nip it in the bud!

Today there was a female photographer; usually it’s a man.


Cate Blanchett nice and proper. She used the term "bum eating pants". That’s when it looks like your pants are trying to eat your behind. I call it cutting cheese.

Larry the cable Guy: very funny, not proper at all. Cate Blanchett seemed uncomfortable around him, and during the break offered him some mints. I guess his breath stank because he ate them.

Corrine Bailey Rae: A black British soft singer. Right when she just about put us to sleep with her lullaby of a tune, something fell and made a loud noise. This was the second time "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" they made someone do something over since I’ve been going to the show. The first time was when a stocker walked on the set and security had to drag her away.

Corrine Bailey Rae is pretty but she has some bad skin. I suggest C.B.R. you go to Heavenly Beauty Corner in Burbank and get a facial, or get some Proactive or something. It looked like something was trying to free itself from her chin. Just looking out for you girl.

Tonight, Kevin Eubanks did an cameo on the show" Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Good job Kevin.

Remember; always take care of yourself…

Love ya,