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GloZell and the Little Bastard…

I have heard that the guest list will be ending. I find that very hard to believe. The only person who has been on the list every day is me. The studio isn’t even full the last few weeks, so why end the guest list? I hope that my coming every day hasn’t upset anyone to the point that "they" want to end the guest list. I’m sure that NBC has better things to discuss. I’m going to Florida for the holiday‘s my last day here will be the 21st. I hope I’m on the list next year. It doesn’t cost anyone else anything.

I met Dat Phan. The winner of the first "Last Comic Standing". He was so nice. I was surprised that he didn’t get special treatment. No picture with Jay after the show. He took time and spoke to me and I took a picture with him. Dat told me I was wasting my time coming to the show everyday and that I should become a P.A., or a page. He also said that he would give me free tickets to his show. I met his manager and friends, and can’t wait to go to his show.

I hope everyone has a great time at the NBC employee Christmas party!

Dennis won’t be there, because he will be getting drunk. It’s an annual thing. His best friend died in a car crash because the driver went to sleep. Dennis and his friends pay tribute every year by going out and drinking. You got to do what you got to do. Tip your forty to your homey.

I met Naz’s sister and she was very nice. She works at Forest Lawn. I use to work at a Funeral Home, for years, in Florida. She is a very focused young lady and I wish her the best.

In the studio, Bob, the warm up comedian hit me on the head with the microphone and said "Oh you got a hair cut". I love Bob the warm up comedian. So what if I’ll never be thin and blonde enough to get a T-shirt, Bob and I have bonded.


Tobey Maguire was peddling the movie "The Good German". It looks good.

Jules Sylvester, the "Spider Expert" brought the biggest spiders in the world. One had a hundred babies one her back and Jay let it fall of his desk. There were baby spiders crawling all over the floor. (Yuck) He also brought in a spider called the Bush Bastard, which I’m sure that’s how the Democrats feel about the current administration.

Sarah McLachlan performed the Christmas song Silent Night. It was so beautiful.

Remember, God gives us all talents that are to be used, so use them…