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GloZell and Oh, Jay, Simpson…

If someone knows anyone who can put me on the guest list starting next year let me know. Thank you so much.

Jason K. walked us over. The girls love to flirt with Jason K. Um, Jason K., I’ve noticed you have a lot of hair, and I was wondering why do you ware a comb over?

In the studio, I sat in the back due to the fact a lot of people turned out to see Mel Gibson. That’s okay, I’m glad to have a seat. Next month, I might not.

I sat next to Mrs. Sandra from San Diego. She was apart of a traveling group from Day-Tripper Tours. She paid 65 dollars. Sandra told me she recently lost her wonderful husband. Mrs. Sandra watches Jay Leno every night, because she is lonesome and feels better after she hears Jay’s monologue. Mrs. Sandra thinks Kevin (The bandleader) is wonderful and that Vicky can get anyone to sing. I enjoyed sitting next to Mrs. Sandra who is a retired schoolteacher for handicap children. She said she would try to come back in the spring, with her two grown boys, whom she is very proud of.

During Jay’s, monologue, two cute young blondes, one the front row, spoke to him while he was talking. Jay spoke back, refered to them more than once, gave them candy, and spoke to them during the break.

Two fat ladies upstairs in the back, spoke to Jay during the monologue and the page Aaron told them to shut up. (Actually, he was nice about it).

Amanda (a page) straitened out her hair. It’s cute, I hope your boyfriend thinks so also.

How many ridiculous pairs of pants does Jeff the wardrobe guy have? I’ve counted 2 million. Only he can get away with bright colored checkered pants.


Mel Gibson was well received. He had on a suit and tie. The pants were too short. When he sat down his pants were above his socks. Mel seemed to have on orthopedic shoes. He was a little strange acting. He was chomping on a cookie and jumped up and down a few times during the break. Got to love him.

Bil Dwyer, a first time comic on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". He was good looking. He was well dressed. He was not that funny. I’m sorry, if you are on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" you should bring you’re "A" game. You don’t have time to warm up and build. He had some good material that would go over well at a retirement home. I asked the guy next to me would you pay to see this guy, he said "It depends on how much the ticket cost" and the other person I asked said" Well who else is going to perform with him". He was okay, but not "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" good. Bil has a great agent.

Ludacris, was doing what he do. One of his dancer’s (the one without cellulite) bra was showing because of her hard shaking. It was intertaining.

What was cut from the show was a good buddy of mine named Chairman who was supposed to demonstrate "Gillette Quadra back Hair Shaver’ during the Christmas gifts part of the show. The show replaced him with the O.J. Simpson "If I would have carved the turkey, this is how I would do it" gag gift. Another time, Chairman just stay hairy.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be good to make it, just determined… Never give up.

Love ya,