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GloZell is Weava-Diva, No More!…

I’m going to Florida for the holiday’s and I will be leaving on the 22nd and be back on the 4th. It sure would be nice if when I got back the magical NBC Peacock could put me on the guest list.

In the lobby, the new soap smells like Piña Colada. Nice.

The Studio is decorated very nice.

I took to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" my boyfriend’s boss’s mother. Johanna who is turning 81 in four days. She is Italian, (even though their name is German) lives in Chicago, and is in town visiting her daughter Donna. (The boss) She has a great outlook on life and feels young. Just yesterday, she met a woman who was 99. Thanks everyone for the great seats.

She said she loved the show, and has been watching all the time. Jay was so kind to take a picture with her. After the picture, she said "Bob Barker has gained a little weight." Johanna enjoyed the show even without the Plinko game. Bob the warm up comedian was so nice and gave Mrs. Johanna a "Tonight show with Jay Leno" towel. It’s so good to know in 50 years I will finally get one also.

Hey everyone, act like I never mentioned that Jason K. (A page) is a cute cooking tap dancer, who took ballet. His sister has tap danced with Gregory Hines. It runs in the family.

Zoo nice hair cut, the color is the same as the musician "Seal" Black with blue highlights.

Tati decided not to wear her traditional ponytail. It looked good. I would love to see you with some lipstick on.

GloZell (Me) didn’t have her dry behind, poofy bi-colored weave she has been wearing a couple of months too long. Her real hair looks better, not great, but better. Her outfit was whack and she had camel toe. (You are too big to pull off that tights and big top look.)

I love watching Jerry play the keyboards; he always sticks out his tongue when he starts to get into it.

Doctor E. was at the show. The black guy with the Kango hat. Can somebody tell me what that man does now? I know he use to open the curtains for Carson, but that was decades ago. Who does he think he is, showing up all the time? Doesn’t he have a job? (I know, I’m the pot and he’s the kettle)

I sat behind a young lady whose father is Steve Ross. The head editor of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". She was not impressed that I go to the show everyday. Well, I wasn’t impressed with her boyfriend. She wasn’t impressed that I knew Jay’s warm up monologue and… okay, she wins. I was impressed that she has been going to the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson was the host. And her boyfriend was cute. Great, you’ve got it all missy.


Jimmy Carter was great. He was still promoting peace and peanuts!

Edward Norton read a letter he wrote to President Jimmy Carter when he was 8 years old. (Next)

Panic! At the Disco. I don’t think that was disco they were doing. They had a large following.

Remember, age is nothing but a number...

Love Ya,